Zojak Worldwide brings its service to the Ethiopian music industry

Zojak World Wide is working in collaboration with Online Communications PLC to bring its services to the Ethiopian music industry.
Founded in 2007, Zojak World Wide has become one of the leaders in the world of digital music distribution. Headquartered in USA, Zojak has worked with some of the biggest labels, artists and producers in the reggae music world and other artists across the globe with its representative offices in Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya & India.
To date the company has distributed releases for local artists like Helen Berhe, Yohana, Micky Hasset, Hewan G/Wold, Letarik Tilahun, Micsolo, Skat Nati, Jordan & Bek Ge’ez and Kepaso with many more artists on the way.
Zojak World Wide specializes in not only the distribution of music on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more – but also the creation of VEVO pages and YouTube monetization, allowing artists to keep the rights to their music, protect themselves from copyright piracy of illegal uploads and benefit in the long term.

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