Unrest in Addis Ababa schools leaves one student dead, scores other injured: EHRCo – Mereja


Unrest in Addis Ababa schools leaves one student dead, scores other injured: EHRCo

Unrest in several schools in Addis Ababa has left one student dead and scores other injured, the non-state aligned independent Ethiopia Human Rights Council (EHRCo) disclosed on Tuesday.

In a press statement, EHRCo said, the student death occurred on December 26 in Keftegna-12 school in Yeka district. EHRCo further said more than 10 students and one teacher were injured in this particular unrest.

The EHRCo report didn’t specifically state the cause for the deaths and injuries at Keftegna-12 school, but said shots were heard around the time of the student’s death.

EHRCo report further said scores of students have been beaten up and extensive property damage recorded in several other schools in Addis Ababa city.

The ongoing unrest in Addis Ababa schools seems to be sparked broadly by authorities efforts to hoist Oromia regional state flag and play the regional state’s anthem in school compounds.

The deadly unrest has caught the attention of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) opposition party which released a statement slamming an “illegal attempt” to enforce Oromia region’s flag and anthem on schools in Addis Ababa.

The EZEMA statement was noteworthy as the party’s head, Berhanu Nega, is a cabinet member in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration in the position of Ethiopia Minister of Education.


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