UNESCO Int’l Water Cooperation Chair Appreciates Ethiopia’s Afforestation Program –


Addis Ababa, August 24, 2022(Walta) – Ethiopia’s planting of trees is an excellent initiative that needs to be appreciated and pursued, UNESCO International Water Cooperation Chairperson Professor Ashok Swain said.

The professor told ENA that what Ethiopia is doing in terms of green recovery and planting of new trees is very important.

The country’s green cover somehow contributes to tackling climate change and for Ethiopia’s own weather, environment and development as well as for the downstream countries, he added.

“Planting trees is very important and getting the green cover back makes the country contribute to tackling global warming. It is also important for Ethiopia’s own weather pattern, environment, and development.”

Besides, Ethiopia’s afforestation benefits the downstream countries because it helps to reserve and conserve water.

Lack of forest cover area in the upstream country makes the rain wash soil easily and the downstream countries would be flooded, he elaborated.

Therefore, if you cover an area with forest anywhere in the upstream country, the downstream countries will be protected.

Ethiopia suffered from huge deforestation and there has been population growth, lack of economic development, conflict, which is not good for Ethiopia and for the global environment as well, the Chairperson of UNESCO International Water Cooperation noted.

Since the recent decades, however, Ethiopia’s forest cover has increased. So it needs to be appreciated, he stated.

According to Professor Swain, the afforestation endeavor should be both the priority of the government and social priority as well. Unless you combine the two, it is not going to be successful.

During the last four consecutive years, Ethiopia has planted more than 20 billion seedlings as part of its Green Legacy Initiative.


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