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Addis Ababa September 6/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia’s ambassador in the UK, Teferi Melesse met today with Vicky Ford, UK Minister of Africa, and briefed her on current developments in Ethiopia, including the TPLF’s rejection of the AU-led peace process and renewed incursions in the Amhara and Afar Regions.

He detailed the government’s commitment to ensuring durable peace under the auspices of the African Union and recognized the UK’s devotion to supporting the same mechanism.

Thanking the Minister for urging Tigrayan forces to immediately cease fighting in the Amhara region, he exposed the TPLF’s aversion to any peaceful overtures and underscored the need to denounce the TPLF’s senseless war, which has only perpetuated civilian suffering.

The minister, for her part, urged all parties to the conflict to deescalate while expressing her concern over the large-scale drought and resultant humanitarian needs in different parts of Ethiopia and the sub-region.

Vicky Ford affirmed her commitment to finding more funding to tackle the crisis, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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