TPLF signals preparation to launch fourth round of war in northern Ethiopia – Mereja


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has restarted deployment of troops and heavy weapons to several places, signaling its preparation to launch the fourth round of war against the federal government of Ethiopia, according to eyewitnesses.

TPLF has mobilized combatants from Mekelle, capital of the Tigray region to Abi Adi in central Tigray and from Abergelle to Tsamera and Saqa districts in the disputed Raya area, the eyewitnesses told on Tuesday.

The TPLF combatants have also been deployed in Mehoni, Tsaada- Meda, Chercher, Kukufto,Werebayu, Fujiraand Laalay Dayu areas where troops of the federal government are not present, they said.

The federal government did not comment yet on the matter despite TPLF’s massive deployment of forces including its Army 24 and two Brigades known as ‘Aregash and disputed Raya area.

The TPLF has also mobilized and deployed 17 canons at a place called ‘Della’ while its combatants are building fortifications in Laalai Hayana Tahatai Hayana, Kukuftu, Hadi Alga, Hugumberda and Berteklai districts.

According to the eyewitnesses, TPLF aims to capture Tao, Alamata and Korem areas in the Amhara regional state in breach of the peace deal it signed with Addis Ababa on November 2, 2022.

Wearing the military uniform of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), the TPLF combatants are also accused of looting more than 900 livestocks from the Qurarit area of Wolkait over the last three days.

Last Saturday, the TPLF held its six-year regular meeting and passed resolutions as opposed to the peace deal which stated that the TPLF would dissolve itself as a political party and hand overpower to other competing political parties in the region.


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