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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) said it has begun pulling out its combatants from different war zones amid the implementation of the peace deal signed with the federal government of Ethiopia.

According to information reaching, the TPLF forces are drawing back from Maikmetal, Zalambessa, Mebelet, Chercher, Gumberda, Bertekelay and Abergelle areas

“Based on the peace deal reached between leaders of the two forces, we are leaving fortifications and going back to camps,” military officers told local media.

“We do not want the peace agreement to go useless. We will pay even more sacrifices for the sake of peace,” the military officers added.

The federal government did not comment on the pulling out of TPLF’s forces. Eyewitnesses, however, told that TPLF claimed to have pulled its combatants from places where they did not initially exist.

The eyewitnesses also said some of the places where the TPLF is pulling forces had been under the control of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces.

TPLF is pulling its forces as the Eritrean troops are leaving territories in Ethiopia and they are being deployed in the disputed Zalambessa and Bademe areas.’s sources further disclosed that the disarmament is taking place upon the will of the combatants and those combatants who refused to hand over their firearms are sent to Temben, Boraselewa, Wedisemere and Neqsen desert areas  of  the Tigray region.


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