Tigrayan Scholars, Youth Express Readiness to Discharge Responsibilities to Sustain Peace Agreement –


Addis Ababa, December 21, 2020 (Walta) – Tigrayan scholars and youths have expressed readiness to discharge their responsibilities in order to sustain the peace agreement and realize the development undertakings being underway in Ethiopia.

Scholars and youths from the Tigray region discussed the process of national reform, the implementation of the peace agreement, the reconstruction efforts in Tigray region and their role in ensuring the country’s development endeavors.

Chief Government Whip at the House of People’s Representatives, Tesfaye Beljige and Coordinator for Democracy System Building Coordination Center with the rank of Minister, Zadig Abreha have briefed the participants about the government’s activities in the national reform and its commitment in the effective implementation of the peace agreement.

During the briefings the officials mentioned that the government is carrying out reform activities with a view to addressing Ethiopia’s political, economic and social problems from their roots.

However, they said that internal and external problems were encountered in the course of the reform activities citing the war in northern Ethiopia as one of such incidents.

Recalled that the government has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to peace before the war; even after the war, it had exerted efforts by giving priority to peace.

The officials have also said that the government is currently implementing the peace agreement without any disruption.

The government of Ethiopia has been making efforts to provide unfettered humanitarian aid to areas affected by the conflict, they said pointing out the activities being carried out to restore and commence telecom, electricity, banks and other services in these areas.

The participants of the consultation for their part appreciated government’s endeavor to ensure peace and development in the country citing the government’s encouraging activities being underway in Tigray Region to sustain the peace agreement that demonstrates the commitment of the government.

They also said that the peace agreement has given hope to the people of Tigray, as reported by ENA.

The people of Tigray will no longer shoulder the war, they said urging the people of Tigray region to safeguard its peace by standing with the government.

In this sense, they confirmed that they are ready to discharge their role by coordinating the natives of the region and consolidating the achieved peace.

They pointed out that they will work to ensure the development journey that Ethiopia has started by resolving any differences through discussion.

They also stated that they will work to take Ethiopia into  heights by mobilizing the people so that the national reform can be achieved in the Tigray region as well.

Ethiopians must work together for the development of the country and sustainable peace by maintaining their unity.


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