Tigray forces clashed with neighboring Eritrean


Tigray forces have clashed with neighboring Eritrean forces in the past two days, Getachew Reda said.


TPLF spokesman Getachew said on his Twitter account on Monday evening, May 20, 2022, that said the Eritrean army had launched an attack on Tigray forces in Shiraro.

Ethiopian government spokesman Dr. Legesse Tulu told the BBC he had no information about the fighting, but denied the allegations, saying Eritrean forces could not carry out attacks.

He told the BBC that the Eritrean army could not carry out the attack and that it could be a case of “TPLF harassment itself.”

In addition to the military clashes that took place over the weekend, Getachew tweeted: M. He said the Eritrean 57th and 21st Battalions had attacked the Tigray region and that the Tigrayan forces had repulsed the attack in the Adiwala area.

In response, the government’s Minister of Communications, Legesse Tulu, told the BBC that “we do not believe there is a war going on in Eritrea at this time.”

He further added that the TPLF forces are preparing for war and speculated that they may have retaliated against Eritrean forces in response.


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