This Month Fuel Price Surges


There has been an increase in the selling price of petroleum products

The retail price of the products has increased following the sharp rise in international oil prices over the past four months.

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Co-operation said in a statement to Fana Broadcasting Corporation that it will adjust the price of oil starting tomorrow, April 30.

Gasoline rose to $ 1028 per metric and $ 1,388 per metric tonne, up from $ 870 per barrel in December and $ 730 per liter in diesel, the ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry stated that the government has decided to sell Benzini for 31 birr per liter and 74 birr per liter for 98 cents per liter without any increase for four months, taking into account the living conditions of the community.

However, the decision would reduce the 10 billion birr deficit that should have been transferred to the consumer on a monthly basis and put a lot of pressure on the government.

The price of a liter of diesel in Addis Ababa and the price of a liter of petrol would be 66 birr and 78 cents.

However, given the current situation in the country, the government has borne 85 percent of the world market pressure and decided to transfer the remaining 15 percent to consumers.

Accordingly, retail gasoline in Addis Ababa from 36 birr to 87 cents per liter, 35 birr to 43 cents per liter, kerosene to 35 birr to 43 cents per liter, light black diesel to 52 birr per liter, and heavy black diesel to 51 birr per liter Coins and jet fuel are set at 78 birr per liter and 87 cents per liter.

However, the ministry said it will take legal and administrative action against illegal entities that create artificial shortages in goods and services and increase prices on goods and services.


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