The 03 in modern societies is utterly disgusting. The heightened decay originates, not only from the heavy handedness of centralized states, but also from economically powerful private sector organizations. In recent years new and potent institutions leveraging automation and digitalization have emerged to muzzle opinions/views/proposals that are deemed subversive to the rotting system. Such collaborative efforts/actions between the two entities (state & market) are quite pronounced in nations whose states are captured by market operators. As a result, common sense principles, desiring sustainable livelihood for all, have become the hated ideology du jour! On the other hand, technology as a double-edged sword can also help shape humanity’s future away from current destructiveness!
The rotting global order in the core countries is already obvious. Nonetheless, these countries (at least for a while) had managed to temper the extreme brutalities of raw capitalism. Even though the so-called third world countries of the world system have internalized the current rot, they have not been able to deliver the very basics to their sheeple. Usually or it seems, ‘rot’ sets in after a given regime has reached its peak. In a way, ‘rot’ signals systemic degeneration. During this twilight phase, change, however progressive or necessary, is resisted by the status quo. When the likelihood of dethroning the old system, along with the old guards becomes palpable, entrenched interests tend to resort to violence (covert/overt) to salvage the dying order. What allows the prolongation of ‘rot’ is the fact that the old system tends to retains some lingering legitimacy, while its potential replacement is full of unknowns. ‘Dead man walking’ is a syndrome that best characterizes the state of play during the last phase of generalized decline. In this phase, systemic dysfunction, outwardly expressed as incompetence, mediocrity, corruption, lies, etc. tend to dominate public life, especially amongst the politicos and their paymasters!
The states in the peripheries, which are also (mostly) in the ‘rot’, with the added disadvantage of not having delivered the very basics to their suffering sheeple, are bound to have explosive chaotic futures. To start with, the leadership has not earned the legitimacy needed to help galvanize solidarity and cooperation amongst the sheeple, in times of crisis. In these countries the politicos’ motives are always in question. The deportment of the general political leadership tends to lack sincerity. Impostering and masquerading are used to camouflage ineptitude and insincerity. Moreover, their habitual deceits don’t inspire confidence amongst the governed. Their shallow policies are not homegrown/organic (unsustainable) and lack clear directions. Their level of corruption is truly astounding. Connections to the power that be are all that matter in the majority of the countries located in the periphery. Rules and regulations do not apply to the ruling entities and their cronies. Justice is pure farce, a caricature of the real thing, etc, etc! These countries (led by the copycats) expect to build their civilizations on imported ideas. Relying on what we do not have, just because our masters (who incidentally are aggressively moving to take charge of the African continent) are saying so, is the epitome of stupidity if not lunacy. Of course our highly indoctrinated learned idiots cannot see the whole dilemma, as they are blinded by externally generated phony knowledge. Here is one lunacy perpetuated by the dominant interests and faithfully followed by their useful idiots. How is it possible to have infinite growth on a finite planet?
A new way of thinking is urgently needed! Unless Africa allows its better sons/daughters to come to the fore and confidently deliberate, plan and execute viable trajectories, our fate will be back to the future! Basic questions such as; Why are we not allowed to carve a more sustainable livelihood on our own, rather than copy a destructive and wasteful global order in visible decline, etc., etc.? We admit; challenging the existing senile system will cost us dearly, but the alternatives are even worse! The ‘rot’ in our countries will not go away, unless we committedly try to pursue radical alternatives. The root causes of the current chaos (in many of the African countries) have their origins in the misguided policies of the world system, blindly executed by the useful, nay, useless idiots!

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