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The renowned Ethiopian vocalist Madingo Afework passed away. The report of Madingo’s death was heard on Sept 27 and Addis Zeybe could confirm the news from his mourning close musician friends.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shared his condolences on his Twitter page saying, “I’m deeply saddened by the death of Madingo Afework. He’s an artist who did a lot for his country during his short-lived life. He emboldened the army going to the war fronts while tolerating his illness when the country was threatened. May his soul rest in Peace”.

Madingo Afework is a much loved Ethiopian vocalist whose name is held prestigiously as a vocalist of unmatched tuneful voice. He is a household name associated with an outstanding performance of songs of the Ethiopian music genre Tizita

Born in the Gondar province, Madingo left his family as a teenager to embark on his musical career performing at a nearby military camp. It is in this camp the name Madingo was given to him by his admirers and remained his official name to date.

Madingo Afework released two albums Ayderegim (2005) and Siwedilat (2015) which earned him love and respect from his fans at an early stage of his professional journey. 

Following the news of his death, the Ethiopian social media platforms are stormed with expressions of deepest sympathy from his fans and friends. 


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