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Addis Ababa, October 18, 2022 (Walta) Tom Stafford; a Senior Lecturer and psychologist at university of Sheffield stated that Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not.

Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda, says psychologist Tom Stafford. “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda.

This type of propaganda is now a culture by political west. It seems that the political west does not want to see an independent Africa since doing so would mean their despair.

Due to this, when Africans start to resurge and demand their rights to be freed from western influence, particularly from American intervention, western fabricates a story which is not true, and under the guise of acting to stabilize the countries on the justification that human rights were violated and massacres occurred, they actually act to destroy and cripple the nations.

An illustration of this is the tale of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Gaddafi sized power from corrupt king during AL-Fateh Revolution in 1669. After that he nationalized the oil companies and spent much of the oil revenues to harness the supply of fresh water project.

It was Muammar Gaddafi’s dream to provide fresh water for all Libyans and to make Libya self-sufficient in food production.

As water in Gaddafi’s Libya was regarded to be a human right, there has not been any charge on the people, nor were any international loans needed for the almost $30 billion cost of the project.

A fully government funded project of Gaddafi doubled American threats against Libya and the reason was clear to stop his achievement and to keep the people of Libya oppressed.

But Gaddafi was aware of western plans to dominate Africa; the man keeps fighting to awaken his nation and all of Africa.

And finally Libya had transformed under Gaddafi from one of the continent’s poorest nations to its richest.

Free healthcare and education, no bill for water service provided, owning a property was viewed as a fundamental human right, and local democracy was practiced in Libya.

At the third AU summit, held in Tripoli, Libya, in July 2005, Gaddafi called for greater integration, advocating a single AU passport, a common defense system, and a single currency, utilizing the slogan: “The United States of Africa is the hope.”

2022 marks the 11-year anniversary of NATO’s violent intervention in Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi.

NATO intervened to stop Gaddafi from establishing a central bank in Africa with a gold-backed currency.

According to Ellen Brown, the institution would have challenged the dominance of the dollar and eventually freed Africa from colonial chains.

In order to release Africa from its economic shackles under the control of the dollar, the IMF, and the French African franc, Gaddafi’s assassination was intended to thwart the development of an independent hard currency in the continent.

With the aid of that hard cash, Africa might have broken free from the final oppressive bonds of colonial exploitation.

But the political west, concerned about the progress of Libya and the task of awakening Africa, did not rest.

In July 2011, NATO not only bombed the Great Man-Made River water supply pipeline near Brega, but also destroyed the factory that produces the pipes to repair it, claiming in justification that it was used as “a military storage facility” and that “rockets were launched from there”.

By fabricating stories about human rights abuses, the west started assaulting Libya and its leader.

The myth that Gaddafi provides his troops Viagra so they may rape women is one of the fabrications that the west has produced.

Susan Rice, the United States’ envoy to the UN, informed the Security Council that Gaddafi’s supporters in Libya were becoming more sexually violent and that some of them had been given Viagra, an impotence medication.

After such humiliation of western intervention, Libya is still in ruins.

As Linda Housman, Ph.D. Stated A ‘democratic’ and ‘democracy-bringing’ government that came to power through the wounding and killing of thousands of Libyans by ‘humanitarian bombs’, and that overthrow the ‘dictator’ whose dream it was to provide fresh water for all Libyans for free.

War is still peace, freedom is still slavery.

Still, the west continues to concoct ingenious lies about the conflict raging between Russia and Ukraine.

US officials have just revealed that Ukrainian women are being raped by Russian soldiers who are being given Viagra.

Keep in mind that they are using the same tactics they used against Libya on Russia, as well.

Repeating a claim increases the claim’s truth value. In other words, the more often you hear a particular statement, the more likely you are to accept that statement as being true. In the scientific literature, this process is referred to as truth-by-repetition or TBR for short. Western law of propaganda comes again after all of this year’s latter.

Western still has no stone unturned to maintain its power and pursue its own interests. It even goes so far as to make up stories like get blood from a stone.

Josep Borrell Fontelles, High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said that Europe is a garden and most of the rest of the world is Jungle.

Also the representative says the garden should go to the Jungle to control its growth, sarcastically mentioning every movement of the rest of the world particularly Africa should be mentored under Europe.

The same is true for Ethiopia. UN Security Council calls a meeting more than 14 times on Ethiopia, even water was the topic for the first time in history of Security Council and off course it was beyond the task of UN and rules and regulation of the organization.

Being independent, utilizing its own resources, talking about mutual benefit, trying to implement pan Africanism thoughts makes Ethiopia a victim of western law of propaganda.

By the fake law of truth-by-repetition, Ethiopia was sued by human rights violation, war crime, etc. But the truth revels and Ethiopia cotes the saying the camel marches and the dog keeps on barking”.

By Helen Tadesse


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