Sustaining Ethiopia’s peace and stability


(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The Ethiopian civil society organization council holds a consultative dialogue with political parties on the importance of national dialogue in supporting peace and stability in the nation.
The forum was organized by the Council of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations and the Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council. It is recalled that the councils recently signed a memorandum of understanding in June to work together on current national issues.
Speaking on the forum, the Director General of the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council Henok Melesse, emphasized that civil society organizations have an important role to play in keeping a close watch on the issues of the society and influencing the relevant key stakeholders. He added, “Since the development of transparent and inclusive dialogue cultures is widely supporting our efforts to achieve peace, I call on all of us to develop this experience.”
Members of various political parties including the ruling party, members of the National Consultative Commission and representatives of various civil society organizations participated in the joint forum.
Participants mentioned that the active involvement of the two parties in the National Dialogue could play a key role in helping the nation to overcome challenges. As the objective of the National Dialogue is bringing sustainable peace and stability in the country, the councils are expected to effectively discharge their respective responsibilities and create fertile ground for the success of the deliberation.


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