Susan Rice and Tedros Adhanom to Sabotage Ethiopian Election


The Susan Rice-Tedros Adhanom Plot

Susan Rice: The destroyer of Ethiopian democracy from without

Susan Elizabeth Rice, President Joe Biden’s Domestic Policy Advisor and former President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor has a peculiar history with democracy, the American and Ethiopian varieties.

In October 2019, Susan Rice peddling her book “Tough Love” on a talk show accused President Donald Trump as the “destroyer of American democracy from within”. Rice indignantly protested:

… For the first time I can remember, our democracy is under assault. Our country is in effect under attack. That attack is coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…. You’re thinking this man is not predictable, he’s not stable, he’s not playing with a full deck… And for all of the security threats I saw as national security advisor, I never thought I’d see that…

In June 2019, Susan Rice told a reporter:

They [Trump and his people] don’t care. They don’t seem to care about the integrity of our elections, the integrity of our democracy and what makes us Americans…”

Ha! Ha! Ha!

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” said Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“The Princess of Darkness doth protest too much methinks” about Trump, himself “Most ignorant of what he’s most assured,/His glassy essence, like an angry ape”, to borrow the words of Isabella in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. (In Shakespearean, that means Trump mimics what normal people do in such a grotesque way, angels were they human, would either weep or die laughing.)

What happened on January 6, 2021 should make us weep; it is no laughing matter.

Susan Rice is either a patent dissembler or cunning prevaricator, or both and more.

In 2020, nearly 160 million Americans voted, the highest estimated turnout rate among eligible voters in 120 years.

Biden received more than 81 million votes and Trump received more than 74 million, the highest and second-highest totals in U.S. history.

Susan Rice says, “Trump is a destroyer of democracy”?

If elections are the ultimate measure of democracy, the dude who snagged 74 million votes (46%) ain’t no destroyer of democracy. He is one hell of a contestant!

Trump, of course, is a sore loser.

To paraphrase the lyrics of Big Mama Thornton scarfed by Elvis Presley, “Trump ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog/Barkin’ stolen elections all the time/Donald Trump ain’t no friend of mine/.

As Susan Rice wags her index finger at Donald Trump as the villain responsible for committing  “democricide” in America, she is conveniently oblivious of the fact that three fingers are pointing at her “democricide” in Ethiopia.

In July 2015 during Obama’s visit to Ethiopia, Susan Rice declared the election of the puppet prime minster of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – an “election” held in May 2015  in which the TPLF claimed to have won 100 percent of the seats in parliament —  “absolutely – 100 percent democratic”.

Human Rights Watch commenting on the 2015 election observed “the results are the inevitable outcome of a political system in which opposition parties face extraordinary challenges and nearly all avenues for citizens to engage in political debate are closed.

Of course, in June 2013, Obama the hypocrite ripped into the late dictator Robert Mugabe who claimed to have won his election in Zimbabwe by 61 percent of the vote.

The theft of elections and democracy in Ethiopia was masterminded by the late brutal TPLF thugtator Meles Zenawi, a man Susan Rice eulogized as my “true friend”.

Meles Zenawi was a serial election thief having stolen the 2005 and 2010 Ethiopian elections.

The European Union  Election Observation Mission declared the 2005 Ethiopian parliamentary election was stolen in broad daylight. They said diplomatically there “was no level playing field.”

In 2010, Susan Rice’s “true friend” claimed to have won 99.6 percent of the seats in the Ethiopian parliament and the European Union  Election Observation Mission declared that too was stolen in broad daylight.

I predicted the TPLF will “win” the 2015 “elektion” by 100 percent a year before it was held.

I was spot on!

In reality, Zenawi was a villainous and wicked shapeshifting thugtator “who smiled as he murdered and murdered as he smiled”.

In 2008, Parade Magazine described Zenawi as one of “The World’s Worst Dictators”. In 2012, The Economist described Zenawi as “The man who tried to make dictatorship acceptable.”

The fact of the matter is that Susan E. Rice is a fake defender of democracy in America and the No. 1 enemy of democracy in Ethiopia.

Tedros Adhanom: the destroyer of Ethiopian democracy from within

Tedros Adhanom was the No. 3 guy in the TPLF hierarchy before he bailed out to become WHO Director General in 2017 with the support of his TPLF comrades.

It is a fact that Adhanom’s TPLF is a terrorist group registered in the Global Terrorism Database.

There is little doubt in my mind that Adhanom was a principal co-conspirator in the dastardly TPLF attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command in Tigray region on November 3, 2020.

I also believe he remains the principal coordinator of global diplomatic support for the TPLF after Susan Rice.

Susan Rice and Tedros Adhano are two TPLF peas in a pod.

There is substantial evidence Adhanom “fully engaged in soliciting diplomatic and military support for the TPLF and has been lobbying the UN agencies to exert pressure on the Ethiopian government to unconditionally stop its military action against the TPLF.” Adhanom has “has been relentlessly demonizing” Ethiopia and “repeatedly called top officials of many neighboring nations and pressured them to provide military and diplomatic support to the TPLF.”

Tedros Adhanom can now be legitimately classified by Ethiopia as “enemy combatant diplomat” for abusing his position and power as WHO Director-General by mobilizing diplomatic and military support for the TPLF following the attack on the Northern Command.

The Ethiopian Government should issue an international arrest warrant for Tedros Adhanom as a fugitive from justice.

Susan Rice and Adhanom have been plotting to return the TPLF to power by using American and European Union muscle. They have failed!

So, now they have turned their attention to sabotaging the June 2021 election.

If they can’t be in the saddle of power in Ethiopia, they will do everything they can to **** it up for everybody else!

The Two-Pronged Susan Rice-Tedros Adhanom Conspiracy to sabotage the June 2021 Ethiopian election


The Susan Rice-Tedros Adhanom Conspiracy to  sabotage the 2021 Ethiopian election has four interrelated strategic objectives:

1) create anxiety, fear, doubt, distrust and uncertainty in Ethiopia about the election;

2) plant unfounded doubts in the minds of the international community, particularly the Western donor and loaner communities that the election outcome is doomed to be illegitimate;

3) undermine domestic and international confidence in the government of PM Abiy Ahmed and

4) use the election outcome to fan the flames of ethnic division and strife in Ethiopia.

Of course, the record will show Susan Rice never said a word when her TPLF stole the parliamentary elections in 2005, 2010 and 2015.

Adhnom was a top member of Ali Baba Meles Zenawi and the 40 TPLF election thieves in 2005, 2010 and 2015.

Indeed, Rice declared the 2015 election in which the TPLF claimed to have won 100 percent of the seats as “democratic”.

Having said that, here is what I believe Susan Rice and Tedros Adhanom are doing to sabotage the 2021 election.

I believe the Susan Rice-Tedros Adhanom conspiracy to sabotage the June 2021 Ethiopian election is based on a two-pronged strategy.

The first strategy has two components.

The first component has been underway beginning November 12, 2020 when Rice and Adhanom determined the TPLF had been wiped out on the battlefield and had to move quickly to shield the TPLF from accountability for the Mai-Kardra massacres.

Rice and Adhanom tried to capture the international diplomatic commanding heights by bringing coordinated pressure on PM Abiy Ahmed to negotiate with the TPLF.

If the Ethiopian Government could be forced to negotiate with the TPLF, then the TPLF could run as a legitimate political party and officially wreak havoc in the run up to the election by sponsoring all types of terrorist acts in the country on the pretext of election campaigning.

Susan Rice and Tedros Adhanom are acutely aware of the fact that the June 2021 election is the TPLF’s “Hail Mary throw” (an American football aphorism describing a desperate pass made in the final seconds of a game with a tiny chance of success).

Once the election is over, it is GAME OVER for the TPLF. As in game over forever!

That is the paramount reason behind Rice’s and Adhanom’s desperate efforts to  pressure the Ethiopian Government to negotiate with the TPLF.

But they dressed up and sugarcoated their real objective with lofty sounding human rights concerns, crocodile tears for the people of Tigray and warning about a doomsday civil war in Ethiopia if there is no negotiation with the TPLF.

They used their lobbyists, Western journaLIEsts, think tank pseudo-intellectuals and riffraff diaspora supporters to demand PM Abiy’s government:

Stop its law enforcement action (which they described as “war”) in Tigray region;

Agree to an international mediation effort to resolve differences between the TPLF junta leadership and the Ethiopian federal government;

Guarantee the leadership of the TPLF junta immunity from prosecution for any crimes they have committed during their nearly three-decade rule and defer any prosecution until negotiations are completed (in other words negotiate away any chance of prosecution);

Refrain from taking any further legal, military, civil or administrative action against the TPLF junta and dissolve the temporary Tigray administration appointed by parliament;

Stop “ethnic cleansing” and “ethnic persecution”;

Let bygones be bygones and

Take no legal or diplomatic action that will endanger Adhanom’s position as WHO Director-General.

The second component of the Rice-Adhanom conspiracy is based on election dirty tricks, which is fully underway now including:

1) Organizing former EPRDF local officials who are not listed as Biltsegena party candidates to launch ethnic-based attacks in North Shewa and other regions.

I believe Rice and Adhanom are working behind the scenes to coordinate the interethnic violence in various parts of Ethiopia, especially in Northern Shewa  and Western Wellega regions. I believe Rice and Adhanom calculate that if they can create interethnic conflict between Amharas and Oromos, they can sabotage the election. Ethnic strife they believe is the silver bullet that can kill democracy in Ethiopia. THEY WILL FAIL!

2) Discourage citizens from registering to vote, a/k/a voter suppression.

Rice and Adhanom know their TPLF is dead and gone. They also know once the June 2021 election will be the final nail on the TPLF coffin. They believe they can implement a scorched earth strategy to undermine and casting doubt on the  outcome of the 2021 election. Foremost in this strategy is discouraging voter registration and diminishing the number of citizens who will actually vote on election day. They believe the fewer the number of voters who show up at the polls, the better their chance of arguing the election is not democratic and illegitimate.

Of course, the TPLF used to inflate the number of registered voters and used threats and bribes to get people to vote for it.

In 2010, Seeye Abraha, the former TPLF defense minister wrote in detail about the “widespread use of illegal and unfair electoral methods by the ruling [TPLF] party in one district in Tigrai” and argued his “observations are equally applicable to elections held throughout Ethiopia.”

3) Voter intimidation and harassment to prevent voters from showing up at the polls.

I believe Rice and Adhanom along with other remnants of the TPLF are behind a campaign of verbal and physical threats of violence made against citizens planning to register to vote in the run up to the June election. In some instances, the threat is made by persons impersonating law enforcement or other officials in uniform brandishing weapons. In other cases, warnings of violence against the person, relatives and property are communicated indirectly. I expect this will continue in attempts to disrupt polling places in a variety of ways including preventing access and terroizing voters on election day and in the days preceding election day.

4) Spreading false information, disinformation and fake news on social media and foreign media about the election.

Susan Rice and her underlings are already crafting the bogus narrative of the June election as not being “credible and inclusive”. I am sure Rice and Adhanom will kick their disinformation campaign by coordinating with the fake news Western media to spread misleading information and downright lies about the election in an effort to delegitimize the outcome. As the election date nears, I expect Rice and Adhanom to roll out their campaign to confuse, misinform and discourage voters from going to the polls.

5) Enlisting and orchestrating foreign NGO’s and so-called international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to delegitimize the election.

I believe Rice and Adhanom will subvert Western NGOs operating in Ethiopia and so-called international human rights organizations to delegitimize the election. They have already subverted the so-called Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) into becoming a TPLF mouthpiece as evidenced in MSF’s recent reporting of unverified and one-sided reports in Tigray region. There are various NGOs in Ethiopia who proclaim to advocate human rights, democracy, etc. I believe Rice and Adhanom are secretly recruiting them as part of their underground armies to sabotage the June election. I also believe Rice and Adhanom are working secretly with the so-called “Crisis Group” (a/k/a Manufacture and Monetize Crisis in Ethiopia), Human Rights Watch (a/k/a Human Rights Watching to Monetize Ethiopian Misery) and Amnesty International (a/k/a AmNasty International) to delegitimize the June 2020 election!

6) Inciting ethnic hatred and strife.

Susan Rice, Adhanom, Secretary of State Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan have been recklessly using phrases like “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” in describing the situation in Tigray and calling for withdrawal of “Amhara militia”. There is no question in my mind that this gang of four would be happy to see an ethnic conflagration in Ethiopia. As I previously explained, it is only through an ethnic and sectarian conflict that they can hope to return the TPLF to power. They will continue in their efforts to incite ethnic and religious conflict in Ethiopia. I would not be surprised if evidence surfaced that they were behind terrorist attacks in the days preceding the election/!

7)  Undermine voter confidence in the election and support all efforts to disrupt and derail the election.

I believe Rice and Adhanom will use all resources at their disposal to disrupt and derail the June 2021 election. That effort, I believe, will include coordinating dirty tricks, mobilizing anti-democratic and terrorist elements and coordinate with the governments of Egypt and Sudan to create havoc in Ethiopia. It is a fact that Adhanom has been working with Egypt to supply weapons to his TPLF. I also believe Adhanom is behind the Sudanese invasion of Ethiopian territory that occurred about the same time as the TPLF attack on the Northern Command.

8) Maintain the fiction the TPLF is alive and mounting guerilla warfare against the Ethiopia government.

Susan Rice and Adhanom futilely strive to keep the memory of the dead and gone TPLF alive in the hearts and minds of their gullible supporters.  The TPLF will return to power through an election in Tigray. Just like in Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot”.  They can wait for the TPLF Godot to come until kingdom come. But TPLF ain’t coming. TPLF is deader than a door nail and in hell, hell, hell!

9) Election postponement.

Rice and Adhanom believe that if could create enough havoc between now and election day, they could  disrupt or derail the election and getting it postponed. . Of course, that will happen on the day hell freezes over and the Princess of Darkness goes ice skating surrounded by her fawning TPLF demons. 

10) Whine, whine, whine…

Susan Rice, Tedros Adhanom and their lackeys will continue to whine, cry, groan, moan, snivel and sob about the June 2021 election. They will continue to bark like hounds dogs. Ain’t none of it is going to amount to a hill of beans.

On N0vember 22, 2020. I told Susan Rice poetically exactly what was going to happen:

Oh! Susan-a Rice,
Don’t you cry for the TPLF
Their end is near, my dear
Hear, hear!
Drones overhead striking fear
It is so simple and clear
Don’t shed the TPLF no tear
They can (negotiate to) surrender
Or surely go six feet under!
Just wait till the TPLF is dead and buried
Oh! Susan-a, then you can weep and cry
Oh! Susan-a, then you can cry them a river of tears!


The second prong of the Rice-Adhanom strategy to sabotage the June 2021 Ethiopian election is by stealing it.

There are many ways to steal an election.

Donald Trump tried to steal the 2020 presidential election by vociferously proclaiming it was a “stolen election” before elections were held.

The TPLF leaders and the organization itself (before its long overdue death following its attack on the Northern Command) were supreme practitioners in the art of stealing elections.

On March 29, 2010, I wrote a commentary entitled, “The A B C’s of Stealing an Election” predicting how the TPLF was going to steal the May 2010 election. I wrote:

Carrying out the perfect election theft, however, is not for the faint of heart. One must have the cunning of a smiling villain, the audacity of a desperado outlaw and the brutality of a back-alley thug to successfully steal an election in broad daylight. Above all, the accomplished election thief understands, masters and applies five basic principles.

I was spot on in my predictions!

In that election, the TPLF claimed to have won 99.6 percent of the seats in parliament!

The Rice-Adhanom strategy to steal the 2021 election is a bit more sophisticated.

Their strategy has two components.

The first is to orchestrate delegitimization of the election by Western governments.

For reasons I can never fathom, it is taken as an article of faith that unless America and/or the European Union sanctify an African election it is not legitimate.

Or unless the high priests of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and the Papacy of the New York Times and ilk bless an African election with their holy pronouncements.

I do not know who gave America, the European Union, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch canonical powers to pass judgment and their blessings on  African elections but I will assume they are doing it, noblesse oblige, to discharge their divinely ordained duty of “White Man’s Burden” to politically civilize savage Africans.

Rice and Adhanom have already lined up (and written up the stock press releases) for the U.S. and E.U. governments to read when the polls close on June 6.

There will be “international election observers” on the ground to opine on whether the election is free and fair.

“Free and fair election” means a whole lot of things.

The U.N. and its agencies have published their standards. So has the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the African Union.

Of course, I have my own standards for free and fair elections in Ethiopia.

challenge anyone to challenge me on my standards!

I have no doubts the 2021 Ethiopian will be free and fair.

I am also sure it will not be perfect.

Even the self-proclaimed “greatest nation in the world” with a 234-year electoral history cannot claim a perfect election; indeed its 45th president claimed “stolen election” as proof of an imperfect election.

But Rice and Adhanom are already plotting to poison the minds of the international community and international election observers with lies, damned lies and disinformation of an “Ethiopian stolen election”.

I just can’t wait to hear Rice and Adhanom whining, “The Ethiopian election was stolen! The Ethiopian election was stolen!”

The second component of the Rice-Adhanom conspiracy second strategy is to lobby for “severe sanctions” against Ethiopia because the election allegedly was not free and fair.

On April 16, 2021, two days ago, the United States imposed sanctions against Ugandans “believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic process in Uganda.”

Is there any doubt the U.S. will do the same against Ethiopia?!

Rice, Adhanom and the TPLF remnants will also lobby Congress to pass resolutions and condemn Ethiopia for a “rigged election” and threaten cutoff of aid.

Rice and Adhanom will also coordinate with the European Union to implement a variety of sanctions.

Let them have a field day.

But the date June 5, 2021 shall live in glory in Ethiopian history.

On June 5, 2021, the TPLF era of eleKtions (eleKtions= fake elections) will be over and a new era of free and fair elections will begin!

That is foreordained!


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