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A string of towns in Ethiopia’s Amhara region have in recent days been seized by Fano (ethnic Amhara self-defense group) fighters, sources indicate. sources indicate the seized towns include Nefas-Mwecha, Maksejnet, Sekela, Amanuel,  Gashena and Meqet as well as the Lalibela international airport.

The sources indicate fighting is also happening in and around several large cities of Amhara region.

Large parts of Amhara region, Ethiopia’s second most populous region are currently under an g Ethiopia government imposed informal communication and information blockade. 

However, information trickling out of the region indicate the armed resistance is gaining popular support across the Amhara region.

The Ethiopian government has so far largely kept silent on the deadly conflict happening in various regions of Amhara region.

However, on Tuesday, the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in a rare statement said its taking measures on those entities who it said are undermining the stability of country in the name of “Fano”.

Since April, various parts of Amhara region are experiencing ongoing deadly unrest, as the Ethiopian federal government engages in crackdown against civilians and armed self-defense groups in the country’s second most populous region.

Concurrent, with the unrest scores of low level, middle level and high level Ethiopian government officials have been killed by unidentified gunmen. 

In the most famous case, an attack by as of yet unidentified gunmen in April killed the Head of Prosperity Party (PP) in the Amhara region, Girma Yeshitila and four other people.


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