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Addis Ababa September 20/2022/ENA/ African Fraternity Night, an event organized by Ethiopia with the objective of strengthening the unity of Africa, was held at the Sudan Embassy in Addis Ababa, yesterday.

Sequential events will take place in various embassies in the capital, it was learned.

Speaking on the occasion, African Affairs Director-General at MoFA Fisseha Shawel said the event was aimed to further strengthen the economic and political ties between African countries.

“We are implementing the initiative of (PM) Abiy Ahmed that Africans need to come together and say no more subjugation, suppression and ruled by others,” he pointed out.

The director-general stated that the program will also contribute to strengthening the long-standing relationship between Ethiopia and Sudan by highlighting common values, ​​regardless of problems that arise from time to time.

The people of Ethiopia and Sudan are the same and have been sharing the same culture, history and started public diplomacy.   

Sudan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Jamal El Sheikh emphasized on his part the need to work on strengthening the existing relationship, friendship and bond between the people of the two countries.  

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According to him, Ethiopia and Sudan share history and culture; and said that the cooperation  will continue to be strengthened.

Such events will play a crucial role in enhancing economic and cultural ties between the two countries to better level and strengthen relations among Africans, the ambassador said.  

Members of the Sudanese community in Addis Ababa, diplomats and former ambassadors as well as invited guests attended the program.

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