Russia opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs : Russian Ambassador – Mereja


Russia opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Yevgeny Terekhin said in a recent interview with Mereja TV special program.

Noting that the establishment of Ethio- Russian diplomatic relations dates back 125 years ago, Terekhin said the two sides have had comprehensive strategic partnerships which are characterized by the ‘sprit of friendship, mutual assistance and trust.’

“Undoubdely our relations are currently on the rise due to the similarity of position of Russia and Ethiopia on many international and regional problems that were notcibale in multilateral forums especially in the United Nations,” the ambassador said.

Recalling that many Ethiopian had pursued their education in Russia especially during the former Soviet Union period, the ambassador said the graduation of 27,000 Ethiopian students in Russia is an invaluable capital of the long-standing bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Russia.

According to the ambassador, the political relations between Ethiopia and Russia have reached a new high with a systematic exchange of views between experts of the two governments on global, regional and bilateral issues.

The ambassador further said the two sides are working to boost their trade, economic, scientific, technical and military corporations to a higher level while developing joint projects for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Terekhin said Russia firmly supports the non-interference policy of Ethiopia and believes that the country can resolve its internal affairs by itself , stressing that Russia decisively objects to any attempts threatening the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s domestic issues should be resolved primarily through the efforts of the Ethiopian government, Terekhin said, adding that Russia decisively object to any attempts to interfere on internal affairs of Ethiopia.

“We (Russia) object to any malicious attempts including sanctions to Ethiopia,” the ambassador said, emphasizing that Russia would take any interference case on Ethiopia to the United Nations assembly.


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