So, when I ask all my friends and supporters in Georgia to elect Herschel Walker to the US senate seat on November 8, 2022, I do so with the humility of a man who got his start in Georgia over one half century ago and left to make his mark on the world.”

Message to Herschel Walker from Ethiopian American voters:
“If you roll with us, we’ll run with you and make you the next US Senator from Georgia!” Alemayehu G. Mariam

If you roll with us, we got your back running for the US Senate

Message to Herschel Walker from Ethiopian American voters:
“If you roll with us, we’ll run with you and make you the next US Senator from Georgia!”

The advertising slogan is, “Nothing runs like a Deere.”

That may be true for farm equipment and construction machines.

But when it comes to human beings, nobody runs like Ethiopians.

Ethiopia first participated at the Summer Olympic Games in 1956 and has since won 58 medals (23 gold,12 silver), all in long-distance running events.

Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebreselassie broke 27 world records in 13 distance races. Haile is arguably the greatest distance runner of all time.

Ethiopia is set to have a banner year in 2022. They are already racking up gold medals around the world like cheap jewelry at a flea market.

Herschel Walker, the presumptive republican senatorial candidate in Georgia, has a lot in common with Ethiopian runners.

Herschel is a former American football running back.

In American football, the running back is the hardest working/playing man on the field.

He played college football for the University of Georgia and became “All-America” three times and won the 1982 Heisman Trophy awarded to the most outstanding player in college football.

Herschel is undoubtedly one of the greatest college and professional football players of all time.

Nobody ran like Herschel on the football field. His movements were simply  tornadic.

Ethiopian American voters in Georgia MUST run and win with Herschel.

Ethiopian American voters MUST be the wind behind the back of the greatest running back of all time.

Electo-mageddon for democrats in November 2022

National electoral annihilation–  electoral Armageddon — awaits the democrats on November 8, 2022.

The Cassandras of the democratic party are already prophesying it.

The poll tea leaves are affirming it.

N.Y. Congresswoman and the Cassandra democratic firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has warned Biden and  his “backroom dealmakers” they should prepare for electoral annihilation at the hands of Republicans in November 2022.

AOC said,

We need to acknowledge that this isn’t just about middle of the road, an increasingly narrow band of independent voters. This is really about the collapse of support among young people, among the Democratic base, who are feeling that they worked overtime to get this president elected and aren’t necessarily being seen.

Support for Biden and the democratic party among Ethiopian American voters over the past year has vanished like the morning dew.

The reason: The Biden administration’s support of the terrorist group in Ethiopia known as the TPLF.

The democrats are not just in trouble. They are swirling in the vortex of political oblivion.

The democrats in 2022 are divided, demoralized, disoriented and defeated.

The left wing of the democratic party is angrier than a striped snake over Biden’s backroom deals and depraved indifference to their agenda.

African American voters, and especially “Black women [who] saved the democrats in 2020” don’t want to touch the democratic party with a ten foot pole wearing Nomex gloves.

Young voters are saying “I voted in the 2020 election for Biden and nothing really has been done for me.” They will not show up in November 2022 to save the democrats.

Hispanic voters, who are growing as a portion of the electorate, are moving toward the Republican Party.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, party support flipped as Republicans made gains, from 44% to 47%, and Democratic affiliation fell from 45% to 42%.

new Gallup analysis reports findings that indicate momentum for Republicans heading into this midterm election year.

The polling tea leaves are predicting a wipeout for democrats nationally in November 2022.

Biden entered office with higher approval (55 percent) than Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush did, but a year and 4 months later Biden’s approval rating has nosedived.

An April 14, 2022, Quinnipiac University poll shows Biden’s approval rating has  hit a dismal 33 percent (that means only 1/3 of Americans approve of how Biden is running the country.)

Under the Biden administration, America is going to hell in a handbasket.

Check out the price increases under Biden’s watch:

Fuel oil 70%; Gas 48%; Used cars 35%; Hotels 29%; Airfare 24%; Utility gas 22%; Bacon 18%; Oranges 18%; Furniture 16%; Beef 16%; Chicken 13%; Milk 13%; Eggs 11%; Coffee 11%; Food at home 10%; Rent (Owners’ Equivalent Rent- OER) 4.5%.

Check out the crime statistics under Biden’s watch:

In the first three months of 2022, there have been 136 mass shootings (January 41 (59 dead); February 43 (40 dead);  March 52 (47 dead).

That is more than 1.5 mass shooting per day!

Homicides in major American cities continued to rise in 2021, with a 5% increase from 2020 and a 44% increase over 2019.

In March 2022, annual inflation hit 7.9 percent, the highest rate since 1982.

Gasoline prices have risen at fastest rate on record and consumer prices jumped to 8.5 percent under Biden’s watch.

Big government spending is fueling inflation and runaway consumer prices.

Biden sent “The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” to Congress to address the longstanding problems of immigration policy but promptly forgot about it after the photo op sessions.

U.S. foreign policy is in tatters under the Biden administration.

US withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021 under the most ignominious circumstances.

The world saw the mighty US armed forces being chased out of  Afghanistan by a bunch of terrorists because Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Biden administration managed the withdrawal with gross incompetence.

In the Ukraine crisis, the Biden administration is flapping its lips, chasing its tail and leading NATO (a/k/a the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight”) on Quixotic errand.

In Ethiopia, the Biden administration has openly, and publicly supported the TPLF terrorist group which unleashed genocidal acts in Ethiopia’s Amhara and Afar regions.

Suffice it to say, under the Biden administration, America is going to hell in a handbasket.

Fear and smear: The democrats’ long knives are out to get Herschel Walker

The democrats’ disinformation and fear and smear campaign against Herschel is in full gear.

DemocRATs in Georgia and the national democraTICK party are scared ***tless their cleric-cum-politician senator is going to get an ass kicking by the republicans in 2022.

They have good reason to be scared.

They have put their liberal fake news press-titute media in high gear to unleash a massive fear and smear campaign.

They say Herschel is involved in all sorts of “shady business practices.”

They say he took PPP money while criticizing others for taking PPP money.

They say he has mental health problems.

They say he threatened to beat up his wife.

They say he has a “lot of baggage that’s starting to come out” that could “alienate independent voters.”

CNN a/k/a Fake News accused Herschel of lying about graduating from college and being a good student.

Democrats have filed a complaint against Herschel for violating campaign law.

They say he has never been a candidate for public office before (neither has the current democratic occupant of the seat).

They say he cannot debate his opponent.

Yada! Yada! Yada!

The liberal media went ape***t when Herschel made the following  statement:

 … [W]hat’s strange about it is he’s not telling everyone that the Democratic Party has left Brown and Black people behind… They forgot all about us, and they not just forgot about us, you look at the policy that’s going on, which has nothing to do with color… What it has to do with is these policies are not suitable for the people of Georgia. They’re not suitable for the people of the United States of America.

Did Herschel lie about the democratic party?

No, he spoke truth to democrats who have been commodifying and monetizing black votes for decades!

What Ethiopian American voters want in a senatorial candidate in the midterm elections in November 2022

The U.S. constitution grants the Senate a major role in foreign policy.

The Senate has the sole power to offer advice and consent on nominations and treaties. Ethiopian Americans have experienced firsthand what a misguided, warped and terrorist-supporting democrat foreign policy can do to their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Americans want a US senator who believes in America First foreign policy.

President Donald Trump has given Herschel Walker his “Complete and Total Endorsement” and praised him as “a friend, a Patriot and an outstanding American who is going to be a GREAT United States Senator.”

I believe Herschel Walker will pursue and promote Trump’s America First foreign policy.

I. Commit to America First foreign policy.

Ethiopian American voters want to advance an American First Foreign policy.

The modern idea of an “America First” foreign policy dates back a century when the progressive internationalist president Woodrow Wilson promoted a non-interventionist and nationalist approach to international relations.

President Donald Trump took the idea to the next level by promoting a foreign policy that discarded the whole idea of multilateralism and emphasized bilateral relations.

But the roots of “America First” foreign policy go back to George Washington’s Farewell Address where he urged the American people to avoid political partisanship and entanglements with European wars.

Washington said:

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible… By interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice.

Trump’s 2017 National Security Strategy of the United States of America declared itself to be “an America First National Security Strategy based on American principles…”

Ethiopian American voters oppose any and all U.S. intervention in Africa and specifically in Ethiopia militarily, politically or by any manner of economic sanctions. We reject the idea that America is policeman in Ethiopia or Africa.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line in promoting an American foreign policy that is grounded in American principles of reciprocity, free markets, free trade and rule of law.

II. Commit to eliminating all aid to Africa

My credo remains the same as always.

The best way America can help Africa is by letting Africa help itself, and by making sure the culture of panhandling on the continent is permanently ended.

The US aid program in Africa is an extension of the democrats’ domestic “War on Poverty Program”.

That war was waged on domestic poverty to uplift low-income Americans, particularly African Americans, who had been shut out of the American dream.

The same logic was used to help black Africans in Africa with “aid”.

Poverty won the war in America.

In Africa, US and Western aid in general has harmed the recipients more than reduce poverty.

Dambissa Moyo has convincingly demonstrated that “overreliance on aid has trapped developing nations in a vicious circle of aid dependency, corruption, market distortion, and further poverty, leaving them with nothing but the ‘need’ for more aid.”

Moyo convincingly argued that trade foreign investment, capital markets, micro finance, remittances are what Africans need, not handouts.

Has US aid in Africa made a dent on poverty?

Today, Africa is known as the “beggar continent” because of  US and Western aid.

What handouts have done in Africa is discourage self-improvement caused more harm than help to the poor as welfare programs have done to the poor in the US.

In my March 14, 2011 commentary, “The Moral Hazard of U.S. Policy in Africa”, I argued that the only outcome of US aid in Africa has been social and moral bankruptcy.

In my December 18, 2016, commentary, I argued:

The best way America can help Africa is by letting Africa help itself, and by making sure the culture of panhandling on the continent is permanently ended.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line on aid by eliminating all aid or providing aid to African regimes that meet stringent conditions of accountability and transparency.

III. Commit to building U.S.-Ethiopia relations based on strong commercial/business/trade relations

George Washington in his Farewell Address said US relations with foreign nations should be firmly based on cultivating commercial relations, not handouts.

Ethiopian American voters actively seek and promote U.S. trade, business and investments in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa. More specifically, a relationship based on reciprocity of trade, free markets, free trade and rule of law.

No country ever developed by begging handouts year after year.

The economies of the Four Asian Tiger nations/Asian Miracle did not result from panhandling but from robust export-oriented policies, expansion of the manufacturing sector and provision of tax and other incentives to attract foreign investment.

Instead of having a punitive regime such as the African Growth and Opportunity Act (which today resulted in the dismissal of 600 poor Ethiopian factory workers), the US should deal with African countries on a bilateral basis.

The Morocco Free Trade Agreement provides a good template for the rest of Africa.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line on creating bilateral relations with African countries based on strong commercial/business/trade relations.

IV. Abolish USAID

In my December 18, 2016, commentary, I argued, “The era of U.S. foreign policy of aid handouts and alms giving to Africa generously supported by American taxpayers, without accountability, must end or significantly curtailed!”

Over the past 6 decades, American taxpayers have spent hundreds of billions of dollars providing “aid” to African countries.

Truth be told, USAID has been the quintessential “poverty pimp” in Africa.

It is an organization managed by bureaucrats who have cushy jobs who are committed to perpetuating their cushy jobs and not solving problems of poverty.

USAID maintain a network of poverty pimp consultants and civil society organizations that feed at the trough of aid designated to salvage poor African and other countries out of poverty.

The bottom line: half of all development aid doesn’t reach the poor.

“As a system, foreign aid is a fraud and does nothing for inequality” or poverty.

Much of the foreign aid does not reach the poor but supports the rich and spreads corruption.

In my December 18, 2016, commentary, I urged Trump to completely restructure USAID and preferably abolish it. I supplied data and arguments to support my position.

USAID has significant and deep-rooted accountability issues.

In 2015, I registered my strong opposition to the nomination of Gayle Smith to head USAID.

A 1991, report documented  “gross mismanagement of money” by aid recipients and exposed USAID officials “accused of receiving kickbacks from programs.”

At the time, the USAID deputy inspector general was quoted  as saying, “Our crime rate is essentially higher than virtually any other agency of the government and higher than most major cities in the United States.” (Emphasis added.)

A 2010 report by the USAID Inspector General concluded that “because of weaknesses in the mission’s performance management and reporting system,” auditors “could not determine whether the results reported in USAID/Ethiopia’s performance plan and report were valid.”

The Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in 2013 found that USAID’s  lack of effective oversight and monitoring placed hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars “at risk of waste, fraud and abuse.”

A 2013 Wall Street journal investigation  revealed that  a significant amount of the nearly $10 billion spent by the U.S. in Africa between 2002 and 2012  on various health projects, including malaria and HIV control, “has been partly hijacked by organized networks that steal large quantities of donated malaria drugs and ship them from East to West Africa, where they end up for sale at street markets.”

In 2016, the Inspector General of USAID reported “significant deficiencies” in financial accounting including issues related to “complying with Federal accounting standards for reimbursable agreements, maintaining adequate records of property, plant, and equipment, and promptly investigating and resolving potential funds control violations.”

It is becoming increasingly clear that USAID has become a rogue agency unaccountable to anyone.

USAID is a corrupt institutional poverty pimp and must be abolished.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line against wasting American tax dollars on corruption disguised as aid.

V. Commit to fighting terrorism and return the TPLF to the US the list of terrorist organizations

The Biden administration is committed to supporting terrorists in the name of human rights.

Exhibit A is its support of the terrorist group known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The US has imposed all manners of sanctions and engaged in wicked conspiracies to undermine the sovereignty, dignity and unity of Ethiopia in supporting the TPLF.

In my November 21, 2021 commentary, I have laid out the legal case for US state-supported terrorism in Ethiopia.

Until 2014, the US had officially classified the TPLF as a terrorist organization. That terrorist classification must be reapplied to the TPLF.

Tibor Nagy, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs in the Trump administration in describing TPLF terrorism in Ethiopia said:

It is important to remember here there is not equivalency.  There are not two states which have been belligerent with each other. You have a sovereign government on the one hand Ethiopia, and on the other you have a region of Ethiopia the leadership of which basically started a conflict against the government.  And interestingly enough, the Ethiopia Constitution has provisions for a region to secede from Ethiopia but, you know, the best evidence is that the Tigrean leadership did not want to secede from Ethiopia. They wanted to use the opportunity basically to overthrow the prime minister and return to the type of privilege that they had enjoyed within the Ethiopian state for the last 27 years…

We need a senator who is resolutely opposed to terrorism.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line on terrorism.

VI. Commit to opposing multilateralism and Obama’s New World Order

Multilateralism is one of the greatest political scams invented in the post-WW period.

The real agenda of multilateralism is that the liberal elite classes in Western nations join forces to conduct international relations using international organizations and maintain a world order that suits their liberal agenda.

Barack Obama was a rabid advocate of multilateralism.

Trump’s America First Foreign policy is fundamentally against multilateralism.

Trump tried to cut funding to the bloated, self-serving, populated-by -overcompensated-and-underworked United Nations bureaucracy with limited success.

In his 2018 UN speech, Trump made it crystal clear:

America is governed by Americans… We reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism. America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination.

In my June 9, 2017 op-ed piece in The Hill, “US should drop out of UN Human Rights Council”, I expressed my complete agreement with the Trump Administration’s criticism of the Council.

The Trump administration decided to dump the Council in 2018 because it did not want the US to “remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights and has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.”

Trump rightly withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated by Obama.

Had Trump been reelected to a second term, he would have significantly restructured and diminished American entanglement with the UN, NATO, UNHRC, UNESCO, the INF Treaty, etc.

We must support a senate candidate who is committed to pursuing an “America First” nationalist foreign policy objectives and prioritize bilateral relations over multinational agreements.

Herschel Walker will walk the Trump line on multilateralism.

VII. Treat Africa with dignity and respect for its unity and sovereignty  

Ethiopian American voters want a US senator who treats Africa, and specifically Ethiopia, with dignity and respect for its unity and sovereignty.

Biden and the Dirty Dozen Democrats (DDD) in Congress have treated Ethiopia as a colonial outpost and with absolute contempt and abysmal hatred.

Biden and the DDDs have mounted a sanctions campaign against Ethiopia “the likes of which the world has never seen.” They hope to impose such crippling sanctions that will cause the population to rise up and overthrow its own  democratically elected government.

Biden and the DDDs continue their conspiracy to destroy Ethiopia by supporting terrorists and coordinating with Ethiopia’s historic regional enemies.

Biden and the DDDs toil day and night to bring about regime change in Ethiopia.

On November 8, 2022, Ethiopian Americans MUST teach democRATs and the democraTICK party the real meaning of regime change by helping deliver an electoral defeat the likes of which have never been in American history!

Announcing my endorsement of Herschel Walker in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia where I started my long journey in America

I wish to announce to the millions of my followers worldwide that I hereby endorse Herschel Walker in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

I shall make a formal endorsement of Herschel Walker in due course.

Georgia is one of the American states where we have a very large and very  prosperous Ethiopian American population.

I call on all my friends, supporters, colleagues, community, religious, business and civic leaders in Georgia to join me in supporting Herschel Walker become the next US senator from the great State of Georgia.

I want my friends and supporters in Georgia to know I have a special connection to Georgia.

I first came to the US over one-half century go to attend Augusta College (now University), in Augusta Georgia, home of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

I graduated with a degree in political science from Augusta College.

I made “Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities and Colleges” twice as a student at Augusta College.

I was one of a handful of students selected as a Governor’s Intern when Jimmy Carter was Governor of Georgia and served as an intern in Atlanta, Georgia.

The sound academic foundation I got at Augusta College—thanks to the people  and taxpayers of Georgia– opened doors for me to attend one of the most selective political science graduate programs in the United States and later enroll in law school.

But I learned my life lessons from the Godfather of Soul.

James Brown sang it, “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I’ll Get It Myself).

I got my first doors opened in Georgia.

James Brown sang it again,

One more time
What do you say?
Without an education
You might as well be dead.

But unlike the man who returned to Georgia in Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia”, LA proved just fine for me, and I stayed.

But I have been back to Georgia many times over the years for political and academic conferences, fundraisers, soccer games and family/friend visits.

So, when I ask all my friends and supporters in Georgia to elect Herschel Walker to the US senate seat on November 8, 2022, I do so with the humility of a man who got his start in Georgia over one half century ago and left to make his mark on the world.”

I ask all Georgian voters, and specifically Ethiopian American voters, to join me elect Herschel Walker the next senator from the great State of Georgia.

Ethiopian American voters!

Remember, remember Virginia 2021

Ethiopian American voters should remember that we made a difference in the November 2021 Virginia elections.

There is no need to brag. We helped the Republicans clean the state house.

Ethiopian Americans, Eritrean Americans and Somali Americans came together and helped deliver a stinging defeat to the democrats in Virginia.

Black Star News reported, “Ethiopian-Americans in Virginia have helped deliver an unexpected win for the Republican Party in Virginia’s gubernatorial election.”

The Washington Post cautioned, “Why some Ethiopian voters in Virginia swung for Youngkin — and how it may spell trouble for Democrats elsewhere.”

I have documented it all in my October 29, 2021 commentary and my November 3, 2021 commentary, “Democrats bite the dust in Virginia.”

The arrogant democrats will laugh at us and mock us.

They will say, “Your numbers are too few. You are disorganized, divided and fragmented. The TPLF terrorists have outplayed and outfoxed you. You ain’t gonna do nothing!”

Well, all Ethiopian American voters must come together on November 8, 2022 like sticky rice and mobilize and organize and teach the democRATs and their democraTICK party a lesson they will never forget!

Remember, remember the 8th of November 2022 DD Day  Drive DemocRATs and DemocraTICK Party Outta Congress Party.




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