Rophnan released his long anticipated album titled Sidist


By Carlo Ertola

One of the most prolific Ethiopian artists of his generation, Rophnan Nuri Muzeyin, releases his third album “Sidist VI” with Universal Records.

A DJ, singer, songwriter, and audio engineer, Rophnan has dedicated a large portion of his life to music, creating a totally new genre of Ethiopian music and becoming a reference point in many people’s minds as one of the undisputed electronic music ambassadors to the country.

What makes this release quite unique, apart from the textured Ethiopian timbres and amazing melodies/rhythms, is that the full album was made available for free to all devoted fans on his Telegram channel:

Having had the opportunity to know him way before he had achieved this level of fame, I can definitely attest to the commitment and devotion through which he carries out his work.

Looking forward to listen to the album and wishing him much success in the journey ahead!

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Album Art 🖼 by Fanuel Leul and Tsegaw Tesfa


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