Residents of Historical Town Lalibela and Kobo Get Clean Drinking Water from Solar Power – Satenaw: Ethiopian News

Addis Ababa January 27/2023/ENA/ More than 140,000 inhabitants of the historical town Lalibela and Kobo have accessed clean drinking water powered with solar technology, according to the Amhara Regional State Water and Energy Bureau.

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Bureau Head, Wondeatir Mekonen told ENA that the project has been executed with an outlay of 38 million Birr.

According to him, residents of Kobo town accessed clean water by using solar power technology installed with 22 million Birr.

Lalibela town has also built similar project with the capacity to pump 25 liters of water per second at a cost of 16 million Birr.

The water infrastructure projects in the two towns provide clean drinking water to more than 140,000 people, it was learned.

The bureau head recalled that the supply of clean drinking water has been provided by using generators and water trucks to meet demands during the two-year long northern Ethiopian conflict.

He revealed that UNICEF and the International Red Cross Society (IRCS) have been supporting the solar power projects in order to maximize access to clean drinking water.

Activities are underway to expand technology to 20 cities of the Amhara region in the near future, the head said.

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