Radical rebel Oromo Liberation Army clears ethnic Amhara residents from Jardega Jarte district of Ethiopia’s Oromia region : Affected People – Mereja


The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in alliance with the Oromia Special Forces have cleared ethnic Amhara residents from Jardega Jarte district in Ethiopia’s Oromia Regional State, people affected by the targeted attacks have told

“The Oromo forces are resettling ethnic Oromo people in place of the Amhara residents who were either killed or forced to flee to the nearby jungle,” some people, who managed to escape the targeted attacks, have said.

The affected people told that the Oromo forces have also confiscated properties belonging to ethnic Amharas who have lived there for decades and handed over to the new settlers.

More than 80,000 ethnic Amharas are estimated to have been displaced from the district since organized and targeted attacks began in the district two weeks ago.

The affected people said the attack aimed at creating a homogenous ethnic Oromo community in the district and setting other districts to follow.

The federal government has not yet deployed the Ethiopian National Defence Force to stop the killing and displacement of the ethnic Amhara people in the area.

According to the affected people, the Oromo forces also are mobilizing ethnic Oromo people to kill their ethnic Amhara neighbors, making the security situation in the district extremely dangerous.

The affected people warned that thousands of ethnic Amhara people, who are hidden in the jungle, could die due to hunger unless the federal forces rescue them.


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