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Looking to find a solution to retailers’ difficulties of selling-out older products, Qinash mobile and web application that serves as an online discount mall has been developed by Ethiopians. Qinash provides a hybrid service where business owners promote and sell all kinds of discount offers and buyers know where to get the right deals. Instead of the poster on a shop’s window—only seen by people passing by—Qinash allows retail businesses to promote seasonal discounts and unique bundle offers to a much bigger market. In addition, Qinash delivers all sales made through its platform and provides a dashboard where sellers can keep track of their transactions. Qinash takes a 5 to 10Pct commission fee for the promotion, delivery, and tracking service it provides sellers.

Qinash is led by 5 young men with technology and business backgrounds and the company has gone through SolveIt, YAW incubation, and Ahun acceleration programs, according to their press release. It has also onboarded known names in the tech arena in its advisory team, including Amadou Daffe (Co-founder/ CEO at Gebeya Inc.), Elias Demessie (Software Development Engineer at AWS), and Derartu Doto (Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook).

For the past 3 years, Qinash has been bootstrapped and financed by grants awarded by support organizations.

“Last-mile delivery is complicated and expensive, especially when it involves direct-to-consumer deliveries, we have struggled to find the right logistics company to outsource our delivery operations to. Which is why we have decided to design our own delivery system,” says Biniam Alemayehu, Founder and CEO of Qinash. “Qinash’s delivery system will incorporate e-bikes to ensure affordability and efficiency of service,” added Biniam.

Thus far, the platform has on-boarded more than 100 retail outlets and 5000 active users, with the local cosmetic manufacturer Afri Herbal one of the latest to promote a seasonal discount package. Biniam mentioned, “working directly with manufacturers and other digital retailers is another area of engagement the Qinash team will be working on in the coming months.”


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