Prominent social commentator, author Asaye Deribe abducted by Ethiopian security forces: Report – Mereja


Prominent social commentator and author Asaye Deribe has been abducted by Ethiopian security forces, the online based media outlet Ethio-251 Media disclosed on Monday evening. 

Ethio-251 Media report quoting family members disclosed Asaye was abducted by security forces wearing federal police uniforms from his home on Monday evening. 

The Ethio-251 Media report didn’t disclose from which specific area of Ethiopia Asaye was abducted from. 

The report also didn’t specify to where Asaye could’ve been taken to by security forces. 

Earlier on the Monday, the state backed Ethiopia Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed widespread cases of enforced disappearances by security forces. 

In a report is sent to the, EHRC disclosed it has recorded cases of enforced disappearances in Addis Ababa city administration as well as in Oromia, Amhara and Somali regions. 

The EHRC report also disclosed victims of enforced disappearances come from various walks of life including ordinary civilians, security personnel and politicians.


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