Police arrest 97 students over refusal to use Oromia regional flag in Addis Ababa – Mereja


At least 97 students have been arrested over refusal to use the Oromia regional flag in state owned schools in Ethiopia’s capital. Addis Ababa.

The arrest by the Addis Ababa police came after a large number of students opposed the hoisting of the Oromia regional state’s flag in the stated schools. The school authorities have also forced the students to sing the Oromia region’s anthem.

The Addis Ababa Police Commission in a statement said some students have mobilized and attempted violence that resulted in schools property damage and disruption of teaching and learning process.

Several students have clashed with the police as they refuse to use the Oromia flag in Addis Ababa, which is a seat of the federal government.

There were also confrontations among the students. Majority of the students defend the use of the Ethiopian flag with Green, Yellow and Red colors in schools while some students who were believed to have been sponsored by the Oromia regional government stood against the national flag.

Opposition parties including EZEMA have called on the government to stop the use of regional flags in Addis Ababa to avoid further violence and before the situation go out of control.


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