Peace Committee Calls Up on International Community to Preasure TPLF to Commit to Peace Talk –


Addis Ababa August 24/2022 (Walta) The international community should condemn the obvious belligerence of the TPLF since its reckless act will be devastating for peace and security of the entire Horn of Africa, said Peace Talks Committee in a statement it issued today.

All those who profess to be committed to the stability of the region and humanitarian ideals should exert pressure on the TPLF to renounce violence and endorse peace, added the committee.

The Committee noted that failing to condemn TPLF’s bellicose behavior is tantamount to enabling it to launch another round of aggression and bloodbath.

The statement underscored need for TPLF to desist from such extreme belligerent behavior, stop hostile rhetoric and commit to peace talks under the auspices of the African Union without preconditions.

The TPLF has been making all sorts of accusations over the last couple of years and ceaselessly spewed hostile propaganda.

On 18 August 2022, the TPLF declared the humanitarian truce to be dead.

It came up with all sorts of lies and fabrications to destroy the relative peace that has prevailed in the past few months as a result of the humanitarian truce declared by the government.

When the government is exploring all options to consolidate the humanitarian truce, the TPLF has been actively working for the demise of the truce.

TPLF is clearly rejecting the bold peace overtures of the government, the statement noted.

Furthermore, it has been mobilizing the population of Tigray region with threats to all those opposed to forced conscription.

TPLF introduced draconian punishments and denied access to humanitarian aid for those who oppossed to its tyrany. It used aid as weapons to mobilize the population for war, it added.

The Peace Talks Committee stressed that TPLF must respect the humanitarian truce for  aid to be delivered in a secure environment.


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