Peace Agreement Plays Big Role in Regional Security


Addis Ababa, December 17, 2022 (Walta) – The peace agreement signed between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF will play a positive role in ensuring peace and security in East Africa, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) said.

IGAD Peace and Security Director Siraj Fegessa pointed out that peace and stability in Ethiopia has huge significance for the peace of the region.

According to him, since Ethiopia is one of the accepted and influential countries in East Africa internal peace of the country is important for the peace of the region.

In this regard, the significance of the peace agreement reached to peacefully resolve the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia is huge, he added.

The fact that the agreement has been conducted under the leadership of the African Union, IGAD and leaders of African countries demonstrates the effectiveness of the principle African solutions to African problems.

Even then, he said that the cooperation of all is required to create a strong country with durable peace in East Africa by implementing the peace agreement.

IGAD will provide all the necessary support for the implementation of the peace agreement, the director stated.
Implementation of the peace agreement has also importance to further strengthen the effort started to create regional economic integration in infrastructure, trade and other sectors, Siraj noted.

IGAD has been carrying out various activities in capacity building, information exchange, and conflict prevention to create a stable region, it was pointed out.

According to the director, strengthening regional ties and unity would create opportunity for countries of the region to maintain collective peace and security.

The IGAD region is prone to drought, conflict, displacement, destruction and related problems, as reported by ENA.

In order to create regional peace and stability in the long term, the regional block is working closely with the member countries by identifying areas exposed to risk in advance and by gathering information.


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