Over 450,000 People in Tigray Receive First-Round Humanitarian Assistance –


Addis Ababa, November 26, 2022 (Walta) – National Disaster Risk Management Commission said that the first-round humanitarian assistance has reached more than 450,000 people in Tigray from Shiraro to Adwa.

Following the peace agreement reached between the government of Ethiopia and the TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, the Ethiopian government has been facilitating humanitarian supplies to people in Tigray on roads in four corridors and by air transport as well.

National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Office Head and Assistance Coordinator, Zerihun Zewde said government’s support to the people who are in difficulties conditions in the Tigray region has been reinforced. He added that unrestricted supply of humanitarian aid  is being provided in all areas from Shiraro to Adi Hagerai, Adi Nebri, Shire, Selkleka, Axum and Adwa.

Accordingly, in the first round alone, more than 90 thousand quintals of wheat and nutritious food were distributed to more than 450 thousand people, the coordinator pointed out.

Zerihun also noted  that food and medical equipment needed for children and adults are being provided in these areas.
Food and medical equipment needed from children to adults are also being provided to these areas, he added.

Currently, more than 60 heavy vehicles loaded with humanitarian supplies have arrived at their destinations; and are unloading and distributing to the community, according to the coordinator.

Moreover, the supply of emergency food assistance to reach the displaced people living in 70 shelters in the region will be strengthened, Zerihun said.

He added that the commission in collaboration with WFP will continue providing assistance to the displaced people on a large scale.

Agreement has been reached with humanitarian organizations operating in the Tigray Region on ways of conducting their operations in a legal manner, he indicated.

Accordingly, these humanitarian agencies have started activities to provide food, medicine and medical supplies as well as clean drinking water, as reported by ENA.


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