Oromo rebel group, special forces massacre hundreds of ethnic Amhara people : Survivors – Mereja


A rebel group which callsitself the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) has killed hundreds ofethnic Amhara people in the latest massacre being carried out in Kiremu,Agamssa, Amuru, Auharu-Addisalem, Angergoten districts in Wellega zone ofEthiopia’s Oromia regional state. 

Survivors accuse members of the Oromia Special Forces of engaging in the targeted killings of ethnic Amhara people and looting of their properties. 

The targeted killings are also taking place in Anger Guten district of the same region where the attackers have been using heavy weapons and going door to door to massacre ethnic Amhara people including children.  

Acccording to the survivors, the Oromia’s Special Forces with direct command of the leadership of regional government are taking part in the Amhara genocide under the cover that they were chasing Fano otherwise known as Amhara militia in the stated districts. 

Neither the central government nor the Oromia administration comment on the latest killings which aimed at clearing ethnic Amhara people from the Wellega district of the Oromia region. 

Survivors told thatthe Oromia police, Oromia militia, Abatorbe and Gachene- Sirna  (the last two areextremist Oromo rebel groups) have also joined the Oromia Special Forcesand  the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) alsoknown as Shane to massacre the ethic Amhara people in the region. 

Members of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) that are stationed in the nearby areas did not make any efforts to stop the killing, saying  they did not receive orders to stop the killings.


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