Oromo Liberation Army militants attack multiple localities in North Shoa Zone of Ethiopia’s Amhara Regional State  – Mereja

The OromoLiberation Army (OLA) militants have attacked multiple localities in north shoa zone of Ethiopia’s Amhara Regional State, pushing soutwards in apparent strategy to destabilize and control the area, residents of the localities told

The attack began on Sunday after the OLA militants stormed a military camp in Jewha locality, killing 28 soldiers of the Amhara Special Force (ASF), the residents disclosed. It was the first deadly attack on the Amhara Special Force.

The cowardly and barbaric attack” also left four federal police, two civilians and one local official dead and wounded more than 30 others.

Gunshots are being heard from Wessen-Kurkur near Shewarobit town all the way to Ataye town especially at Senbete, Jejeba, Kuran Gebe, Shekela localities.

The Amhara Regional State is accused of failing to find a lasting solution and being negligent to the repeated attacks occurring in the zone.This is the fifth time that the OLA militants have attacked the zone which is being used as a command center by OLA in Amhara region since 2019.

Currently, transportation services to and from Dessie and other places are blocked as the transportation route has fallen under the control of the militants.

The Amhara regional administration is also blamed for turning deaf ears to the complaints that OLA has been offering military trainings to its militants in different places of the North Shoa Zone.

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