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By- Blien Solomon

Stop it! Just stop it! Stop listing all the things you love about your mom and all those you are eternally grateful for, because honestly I don’t think you will be done any time soon or find enough words for it. Don’t get me wrong, our mothers have been that place where we call home ever since we were born and will always have that position in our lives forever, at least that’s it for me. That is my definition of a ‘home’, it’s a place where I get to see my mom every day and eat the food she makes. So not enough ‘thank you’ will ever be sufficient to express how thankful we are to have those amazing human beings in our life.

What I write may be a little unorthodox but I was wondering last time and I was pondering on some ideas. It all started on a conversation we were having with my friends. it was a late Monday night, a typical day with some friends. We were gathered and were discussing the idea of ‘reaping what you saw’. A classic conversation that kicks your conscience back into obedience. However, after we left the café, that topic left me with a feeling of restlessness that I have never known before.

I asked question to myself ‘would I want to have a daughter like me?’ you know, reaping in my daughter what I am sowing in my mother. And let me tell you, unless you are this super human daughter or son, I am sure you answer won’t be a fast yes. Think about it; a rebellious, moody, sometimes a little selfish, needy in childhood, aloof during teenage years and busy and forgetful in the adult life as a daughter or son, I don’t know about you guys but it made me stop in my track and think about it really hard.

This made me see my mother in a different light. I mean if the things I listed as characters we all show most of the time are those that most children show to their parents, then that must have been the behaviors my mother also portrayed to her parents at some point in her life. So she does know about how I feel because she was me once. What I find amazing and a mother’s day worth gratitude is that despite that knowledge and a familiar feeling, she nevertheless steps in and loves and adores me. She must know how I feel and how I sometimes get annoyed or get ungrateful at her but she doesn’t label me as ‘spoiled’ but smiles and brush away those ill things out of our way. Except the love, her care, her amazing food, that mother you have offers all those despite knowing the fact that you are a child that sometimes is not worth all of that and she still chooses to lays her heart bare open for you and would until she can’t breathe no more. That is a mother. I just find that a ‘I am speechless because I am overwhelmed’ kind of thankfulness.

Happy mother’s day.




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