News: Number of IDPs in Ethiopia show slight decrease in June and July: IOM


Addis Abeba – The International Organization for Migration says there are 2.72 million internally displaced people in Ethiopia according to data collected between June and July, a slight decrease from previous round of data collection in March-April 2022.

The organization’s national displacement report published in October says that 2,716,121 million IDPs (522,138 households) were internally displaced across 2,120 accessible sites in Ethiopia during the survey period, which shows a -1.58% decrease of 43,618 IDPs compared to March and April 2022. It added that data collected within same period shows that there were an estimated two million returning IDPs (456,120 households) across 1,662 villages in Ethiopia.

However, both figures do not include the war torn Tigray regional state, where over two million people are believed to have been uprooted from their homes. The IOM said the exclusion of data from Tigray was due to “operational constraints.”

According to the report Somali region is leading with little over 1 million IDPs while Oromia and Amhara regions are following with 662 thousand and 559 thousand IDPs respectively.

Conflict, drought and social tension are said to have been the three main reasons for the displacements. Accordingly 66.7% of the IDPs are displaced due to conflicts, 19.7% due to drought and the rest 4.5% are displaced due to social tensions. AS


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