News: Legendary artist Ali Birra laid to rest in his birth city Dire Dawa


Addis Ababa – Legendary musician, singer and song writer Ali Mohammed Musa a.k.a. Ali Birra has been laid to rest in his birth city of Dire Dawa, after a send off ceremony in Addis Abeba.

After a successful 60+ years of music, Ali Birra passed away on Sunday, 06 November 2022 evening at Adama General Hospital, where he was receiving treatment for a serious illness.

His body was brought to Friendship square, in the capital on Tuesday morning from his residence in Bishoftu town, where he has been paid a farewell at the presence of his families, senior government officials, religious leaders, fellow artists and thousands of fans.

Speaking on the ceremony his wife Lily Marcus said “love, harmony and peace for all” were Ali’s legacies.

“As we all cry, mourn and weep while we send him to his final resting place, I am pretty sure that you all have a beautiful memory of him or with him. Keep that memory because it should live on. Let’s continue to celebrate his life through his beautiful legacy,” she said.

“He contributed more than his fair share to make our country and the world a better place. Now heaven harvested an angel,” the Filipino added as she bid farewell to her companion of 15 years.

His body was then flown to the Eastern city of Dire Dawa where he was born and started singing in the early 1960s, only at the age of 13.

Tens of thousands of his homies and guests from other parts of the country gathered in Dire Dhawa and paid farewell shortly before his body was laid to rest.

Affectionately called ‘Adeeroo’ meaning Uncle among the Oromo, was seen as a freedom fighter, symbol of national pride and a unifying figure. He was loved and respected for his works and seen as a giant music legend not only among the Oromo but also the entire nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. AS


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