News: Ethiopia, Kenya ink agreement to jointly prevent organized crimes, terrorism


Addis Ababa- On November 14, 2022, the intelligence and security institutions of Ethiopia and Kenya agreed to jointly prevent terrorism, human trafficking, and organized crimes and terrorism, which are growing in East Africa, state affiliated media reported.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Ethiopia’s national intelligence and security service Director General Temesgen Tiruneh and Kenya’s national intelligence service Director General Filp Kamuru.

During the signing ceremony, Temesgen Tiruneh said that Ethiopia has signed a cooperation agreement with most African countries to prevent terrorism and related security issues and that it is therefore possible to ensure peace and security on the Horn by strengthening the cooperation of these countries.

Saif Salem Suleman (Ph.D.), head of the Kenyan national intelligence service delegation, also said that terrorism, illegal weapons, illegal money transfer, human trafficking, and organised crimes are threats to east Africa, so it is necessary to work with Ethiopia to combat these security problems in the region.

The Agreement was signed in Addis Abeba during Kenyan national intelligence service delegation’s visit to Ethiopia’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, the recently inaugurated Science Museum and Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Services head office among others. AS


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