News: Ethiopia condemns “barbaric and cowardly” attack on Djibouti army


Addis Abeba: Ethiopia condemned “the barbaric and cowardly attack” on 06 October on the Tadjourah Regiment of the Djibouti army at Garabistan.

In a statement released via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Ethiopia conveyed “its deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the bereaved, injured, and missing, as well as to the people and Government of the Republic of Djibouti.”

It also said the federal government stands in solidarity with the Government and people of the Djibouti “at this difficult moment and expresses its full readiness to closely work together with the Government of the Republic of Djibouti in tackling the scourge of terrorism in the region.”

Djibouti’s Ministry of Defense said seven soldiers were killed in the armed attack on Saturday 06 October, which also injured four soldiers; six others are reported missing.

The Ministry blamed the attack on the “Armed FRUD”, a splinter rebel group of the Front for the Restoration and Democracy, which claims fighting for the interests of Afar people. The Ministry accuses the group of conducting “odious and criminal acts of terrorizing and looting people from remote areas of the country.” Reinforcements was sent out, it said, and “the pursuit is underway.”

Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti, on his part vowed that “all these miscreants will be prosecuted, arrested and brought to justice.” AS


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