News: Ethio telecom unveils three-year development strategy


Ethio telecom CEO Frehiwot Temiru. Picture: State media

By Getahun Legesse

Addis Abeba- The state owned telecom giant, Ethio telecom, has unveiled a three-development strategy called “Lead” covering the period from June 2022 – June 2025 today. The strategy will advance new business streams and solutions beyond connectivity, according to the CEO of the company Frehiwot Tamiru.

Speaking at the event, Frehiwot underscored that the strategy was designed to shift revenue from traditional revenue streams to value-added and content-driven services. The services will ease customers’ experience and speed up digital transformation. The services will boost agriculture, education, cloud-based customer service solution, base kit website builder and e-sim card.

The CEO said instability, telecom fraud and cyber-attacks and regulatory issues were the potential challenges to the strategy.

Ethio telecom is expected to face market competition from Safaricom, a Kenyan-led telecom company launching its services in Ethiopia. AS


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