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Addis Ababa, August 9, 2022(Walta) – The National Security Council said that the law enforcement operation being undertaken against terrorist and armed groups have brought about positive results for the peace and stability of Ethiopia.

The council has reviewed the national security situation based on the threats identified in the previous months, evaluated the progress that has been made  and  setbacks.

In its statement, the National Security Council appreciated the positive changes in terms of ensuring the national security of the country by reducing internal vulnerability.

This law enforcement operation particularly, the cracking down on leaders of the terrorist and armed groups is being carried out at the regional and federal levels,  “are critical to ensuring peace and security as well as expedite the economic activities of the country,” the Council said.

For instance, in the Oromia region, the command posts of Showa, Welega, and Guji have been established to destroy Shene terrorist group. The National Defense Force, the regional security forces as well as the regional leadership are jointly conducting the deployment, it said.

As a result, some 3,180 Shene militants were arrested and those who refused to surrender were destroyed.

In addition, it said a large number of illegal actors that associate with  Al-Shabaab, the junta (TPLF) and other anti-peace forces  were arrested.

The National Security Council added  that  in the operation, many individual and group weapons, vehicles, money and various assets were captured from the enemy.

Out of the 1,739 Kebeles, 1,255, which were under the enemy, have now been  liberated and reorganized, the council pointed out.

Accordingly, the law enforcement operation have helped to return back 47,558 households  with 252,129 family members to their old villages.

Similarly,  a huge number of  suspects were arrested in the operation in the Amhara region through the coordinated efforts of  the leadership and the people, according to the statement.

Half of the suspects were arrested for defecting the security forces and created opportunities for illegal militants, while the rest were apprehended for various other crimes, it noted.

Furthermore, action has been taken against the militants who are working with the terrorist TPLF to make the people living in the region fighting each other.  In this regard, efforts are also being intensified to reach a level where the enemy will not find any more opportunity in the region, the council said.

The council has also confirmed the fact that encouraging activities have been undertaken to ensuring the public’s peace and security in Addis Ababa indicating the arrest of more than 497 members of the terrorist TPLF, Shine, AL-Shebaab and other extremist groups.

Several other equipments have also been seized along with the individuals including forged IDs, military uniforms, and weapons.

The Council has observed that the vulnerability of Benshangul Gumuz region has been reducing as the peace and security situation in the region is being strengthened.

According to the evaluation of the National Security Council, critical measures have been taken in Somali region with a view to prevent, deter and avoid security threats that emanate from outside and inside.

It indicated that Somali Special Forces had played a great deal of role in destroying the militants of Al-shebaab that attempted to infiltrate into Ethiopia through the districts of Barena and Got Got in Afder Zone.

The leadership of the region has participated in awareness creation, engaging and mobilizing the public in the efforts to destroying the enemy.

A command Post has been established by engaging the National Defense Force; the Council said adding that some 813 terrorists have been killed in the operation carried out.

After its rigorous evaluation of peace and security of the country, the National Security Council set direction for subsequent tasks to carry out in order to ensure lasting peace in Ethiopia, it was indicated.

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Nat’l Security Council Lauds Law Enforcement Operations Against Armed Groups | Satenaw: Ethiopian News

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