National Investment Group strategically anchors itself to “Build The Nation”


(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The National Investment Group (NIG) – a prominent conglomerate in Ethiopia playing a major role towards nation building announces its formation with 1.5 billion birr capital in combination with nine companies.
The Group boasts of colossal companies including National Airways and one of the strongest private aviation academies in the country.
The newly formed Group has businesses in technology, air transport, agriculture, higher education, telecom, aviation and tourism, general trade, transport and logistics stemming from its nine companies.
National Airways which was established in 2007 is signaled as the inception for the formation of the group. The airway has been providing different services for the past one and half decade. It has also helped to give birth to the National Aviation College, which has gained recognition from different higher bodies including international institutes such as IATA.
Students including two state ministers have graduated on a ceremony held on Saturday November 12 in an event where the formation of the National Investment Group was disclosed.
The college trains students up to second degree level on various fields mainly aligned with the aviation industry and some other business, economic and social studies.
Besides its aviation operation, the National Airways now consults the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) on the chemical hopper agricultural aircraft, air track 802, and in the procurement and administration of MoA’s aircrafts operating in the aerial spray.
It is also providing humanitarian air cargo services for international organizations.


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