Ministry of Council approved Birr 347.12 billion for next fiscal year


The Council of Ministers, in its 9th regular session today, discussed the 2022 federal budget and passed a resolution.

The Federal Government’s 2015 budget year is focused on achieving the goals set by the ten-year development plan, safeguarding the country’s security, assisting the displaced and rehabilitating damaged infrastructure and services, achieving sustainable socio-economic transformation directions and goals, and the 2022-2023 Medium Macroeconomic and Fiscal. It is based on the framework.

Accordingly, Birr 347.12 billion is for recurrent expenditure, Birr 218.11 billion for capital expenditure, Birr 209.38 billion for capital expenditure and 12.0 billion for sustainable development goals. Compared to the fiscal year 2022/23, it has grown by Birr 111.94 billion or 16.59 percent.

Ministry of Councils unanimously approved the 2022/2023 budget of the Federal Government of Ethiopia to be submitted to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval.


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