The prevailing world order is based on systemic manipulation. To the typical global sheeple such a claim might border the preposterous, but to inquiring minds it is the honest truth! The whole process starts very early, in one’s receptive and formative years. The global institutions of orientations are continuously honed so that they can effectively dumb and dull the natural thinking faculties of a child so that she/he becomes an obedient learner rather than a perceptive observer and original thinker! The more obedient the learner, the more the reward! In fact, the proverbial ‘success’ (outwardly that is) we glibly talk about is accrued, almost always, as a result of unquestioning attitude and complete servility to the established order!
From education to economics, from science to sociology, from information to institutions, etc. etc. the prevailing system’s irrationally imposed narratives rule the day. Today, with the exception of very few lofty endeavors, almost all activities are tinted with the manipulative ideology of the profit system. Lies instead of truth, stupidity instead of brilliance, war instead of peace, polarization instead of harmony, etc., subtly operate and openly dominate the whole human collective. Even nature is not spared. We are being told, in many different ways, that there is no limit to the perpetual growth the system requires. The fact is; unless this system keeps on growing, it will collapse! The flimsy assumption behind this blind belief; human knowledge is unlimited and our planet is infinitely large. Questioning the finiteness of the planet’s resources, to say nothing about our puny current knowledge and inherent incapacity to know everything, makes one a heretic, at least from the point of view of dominant interests!
Global finance, which is the mover and shaker of the whole world economy, is based on the fraudulent scheme of ‘Fractional Reserve Banking.’ This criminal activity is never thought in school/college for what it actually is. Instead, it is presented, more or less, as the biggest achievement of the human animal, probably next to the discovery of fire! Questioning such obvious built-in malfeasance (of the system) will not make one ‘rich.’ If one wants to be ‘rich’, then one must join the global financial racketeering and its criminal cabals! There are plenty of manipulating schemes in the world system that are blindly pushing life towards extinction, amongst which ‘fractional reserve banking ranks’ high. Unlike before, however, the perception of the typical global sheeple about what really is going on in the world is gradually changing. To start with, inquiring minds have started to rebel against the systemically structured indoctrination/manipulation of the reigning regime. Moreover, there is no denying that the world system is in its last leg, accelerating towards its demise. Inevitably, there will be chaos as well as opportunities to change things for the better.
Unlike the dumbed useful idiots of the system, inquiring minds tend to rebel when the overall systemic indoctrination and manipulation become unbearable, as is the case now, in the twilight of the modern world system. For example, defying the various narratives of the deep state is openly in the offing, even amongst the gullible sheeple. Recall our definition of the deep state. It is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media complex of the core countries of the world system. The continuous war cries are not being listened to by many a sheeple. To this end, the deep states of the core countries as well as the rich oil kingdoms are increasingly resorting to conducting their warfare using gadgets and mercenaries! Thanks to the likes of Wikileaks we also have plenty of information enlightening us how deeply global intelligence is entrenched in our ordinary lives. Privacy in the world of electronic communication has become almost an impossibility! Global banking is also scared out of its wit, as the emerging new technology threatens to dismantle its fraudulent scheme of creating money out of thin air! How fake is the media? The media is so fake!
So yes, times-are-a-changing, to use Bob Dylan’s phrase, and the deep state doesn’t seem to be fully in charge. Manipulation is gradually giving way to resistance! Going forward, situations might even become more favorable to bring about transformative and substantive change to the world, which one hopes will incorporate genuine democracy, solidarity and egalite!


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