Lukas Podolski – the legend of the German national team


Lukas Podolski is a soccer player who has never been a star at club level. But he has always been a very important player for the national team. It is easy to follow the current successes of the German team on 1xBet. Here there is only current data and you always have a chance to make a bet.

So, as for the career of Lucas in the national team, it is worth noting that he made his debut as a member of the national team quite early. Already at 19 years old in 2004, the forward received his first call-up. It is noteworthy that then he played in the second Bundesliga. It was a unique case, because for the first time in almost 30 years a player not from the elite division was in the national team.

Podolski became a truly important player for Germany under Jürgen Klinsmann. At the 2006 World Cup, home to the Bundesliga team, Lukas played in a great attacking duo with Miroslav Klose. They subsequently played in many international tournaments.

Podolski has always been extremely useful in the national team. It is enough just to look at his statistics. The player has 130 matches and 49 goals scored on his account. And this is in a team where the competition is always very high. Now it is easy to follow the matches of the German national team at 1xBet, where every match of this team is covered.

The highest achievement of Lucas as a member of the national team was the victory at the 2014 World Cup. Yes, by that time the forward was no longer a player in the starting lineup. However, he remained important to the team. And when he got a chance to prove himself on the field, he never failed.

The main factors behind the forward’s success

Podolski’s phenomenon is that, after failing at “Bayern” and not being the main star of London’s “Arsenal”, he was an important part of one of the strongest teams in the world for 10 years. With Lucas the team has always won medals of the World Cup or European Championship. By the way, you can complete a 1xBet login today and predict how the team will play in the future.

In his striking stability in the national team Podolski is similar to his long-term partner in attack – Miroslav Klose. If we talk about the strengths of Lucas, they include:

  • excellent starting speed;
  • the ability to play on the second floor;
  • chemistry with partners in the national team, who were then leading players: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philip Lahm, Miroslav Klose, Michael Ballack and many others.

The forward ended his career with the national team after the failed Euro 2016. However, even now Germany does not have such a strong and stable forward. However, you can login today to your account at 1xBet and still bet on the matches of this team. Even without Podolski, it continues to be a major force in world soccer and claims all the trophies.



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