Jawar Mohammed breaks his silence


Activist & political leader of OFC,Jawar Mohammed breaks his silence for the first time in an exclusive interview with Ubuntu TV. Jawar touched upon several keypoints including his time in prison,political reform & the northern war. Here we highlighted key points from his interview.

” If there is to be peace in Ethiopia, peace must prevail everywhere! When a house is on fire, we cannot say, ‘I can extinguish the fire in my house and live in it.’ since your neighbour house fire will encloses to your own house. ”
❝The cause of the war in the North and the instability in Oromia is our inability to process the transition process properly!
❝ The country is on the brink. If the government is determined to get back on track, the rest should be prepared to pull back. If the government does this, we will have a better chance of not only preventing the country from entering the abyss!
The government should take care of all the detainees in the same way it did for us when we were arrested! We say this with all our heart!

“As OFC we do not want to participate in the national consultation process while there is an ongoing war ! Doing so will only make us part of the problem! ❞

“One of the reasons why I kept quiet after my release is because I wanted to take the time to listen since I had an information gap while I was in prison. ”
“Even though my arrest hindered my activities, I am glad that I didn’t have a role in the northern war.”
Jawar Mohammed


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