Iran Keen to Share its Experience, Knowledge in Science Fields with Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, May 11, 2022 (Walta) – Iranian Ambassador to Ethiopia Samad Ali Lakizadeh has conferred with the Chairperson of Foreign Relations and Peace Standing Committee of the House of Peoples Representatives, Dima Negewo (Ph.D.), on ways to establish a partnership between Ethiopia and Iran.

The two explored how to forge partnerships in diplomatic consultation, science, and technology areas.

Ambassador Samad Ali Lakizadeh said that Ethiopia and Iran started a diplomatic relationship in 1935. Since then had partnerships in economic, cultural, agricultural, and industrial sectors, pledging commitment to renew the relationship in various areas of cooperation.

Iran, being one of the vanguard countries in the sphere of science, has the full will to share its long-standing experiences with Ethiopia, the Ambassador ascertained.

He recalled that Ethiopia and Iran have so far signed more than twenty MoU, expressing the readiness of his country to further enhance cooperation with the country.

The Ambassador requested the Chairperson to exert efforts in order to re-launch the already closed Embassy of Ethiopia in Tehran.

Chairman of the Standing Committee, Dima Negewo, on his part, noted that Ethiopia has a lot to learn from Iran on how to fend off external pressures and convert challenges into opportunities. Dima further expressed the need to forge a parliamentary partnership between the two countries for mutual benefits.


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Relationship with Neighboring Countries Top Priority

Relationship with Neighboring Countries Top Priority