Immortal Great Programme to Be Specially Recorded in History of Juche-based Revolutionary Party Building –


   Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of The Workers’ Party of Korea

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Visits Central Cadres Training School of WPK, Gives Commemorative Lecture

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, visited the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK, the highest seat for training party cadres, on Oct. 17 to give a commemorative lecture to be specially recorded in the history of development of our Party.

The respected General Secretary was greeted by Principal Paek Hyong Chol and Party Secretary Jang Song Ho of the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK on the spot.He was presented with a fragrant bouquet by a senior official of the school.

All the teaching staff and students of the school burst into stormy cheers of “Hurrah!” for the General Secretary with high honor of holding him, whom they yearn for so ardently, at the school on the significant day of founding the DIU, the origin of our revolution and the glorious historical root of our Party.

He waved back to the enthusiastic cheers and sent warm greetings to the teaching staff and students.

The General Secretary first appreciated the fact that the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK, which has fulfilled its important mission as a pedigree establishment for training middle-ranking cadres along with the glorious history of the WPK, is making positive contributions to strengthening the ranks of Party cadres. And he had a significant photo session with its teaching staff and students, expressing expectation that all of them would share intention, will and practice with the Party Central Committee and more dynamically and resolutely strive for the strengthening and development of the Party and the brilliant realization of our sacred fighting programme.

He looked round the monument inscribed with President Kim Il Sung’s autograph displayed at the school.

He said that the precious autographic instructions the President, founder of the WPK, personally wrote to the first graduates of the one-year class of the Central Party School in August 1948 are the immortal masterpieces comprehensively reflecting the immutable guidelines and principles that have been maintained in the whole course of the Party building and activities.

He said that when the proposition reflecting the character and style of the Workers’ Party is instilled into the hearts of the students as the basis of their life and struggle, it is possible to train them into genuine officials of the Party who have made absolute and devoted service to the people.

Going round the room for education in the revolutionary history and other places of the school, he learned about the educational situation.

Strengthening the education of the Central Cadres Training School is a core issue related to the future of the Party, he said, adding that in order to confidently foresee its centuries-old history, it is necessary to renovate the pedigree work for training reserve cadres of the Party as required by the changing era as it is entrusted with the important mission and duty of training core elements to steadfastly carry forward the building of the Party.

Referring to the decision of the Party Central Committee to make the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea a university above the university and dynamically push forward with the work for enhancing the educational level and role of the Party cadre-training institutions at all levels with it as its parent body, he called for making a great step forward in improving the educational work of the school with the significant day when the roots of the Korean revolution were laid as a new starting point so as to guarantee the future of the Party.

Then, Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a historic commemorative lecture titled “On the Orientation of the Building of Our Party in the New Era and the Tasks of the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea” before the teaching staff and students of the Central Cadres Training School.

The lecture hall was filled with great joy and excitement of the participants receiving his revolutionary lecture to be kept as the honor of their whole life at the platform.

When the General Secretary took the platform, the enthusiastic cheers of the audience were bursting out in welcome of him, outstanding leader of the Juche revolution who is devoting tireless thought and efforts to the development of the WPK, eternal prosperity and glory of the country and the well-being of the people.

He gave thanks in the name of the Party Central Committee to the teaching staff and students of the school who are striving to fulfill their revolutionary duty with the sacred mission of training the core elements of the Party at a time when the work for strengthening our great Party is getting more intensified than ever before and is becoming more important as a historic task for the future of our revolution, and started his lecture.

The Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea is a pedigree establishment for training Party cadres under the direct guidance of our Party Central Committee.

Our long and glorious history of Party building and struggle is associated with the great contribution made by the Central Cadres Training School.

It was a very just and wise step for our Party to have established the Central Party School in the early days of its founding.

After liberation, our Party, which had to guide the cause of nation building and army building, was faced with the important task of rapidly expanding and strengthening its forces and, at the same time, laying the indispensable organizational and ideo-theoretical foundations for developing itself into a socialist ruling party in the future.

Thanks to the far-sighted initiative and leadership of the President, a permanent Party school was established on June 1, 1946 to train Party cadres for the first time in our country so as to fulfill the immediate tasks of the revolution and its strategic and historic duty.

With the founding of the Central Party School, our Party came to have a powerful pedigree establishment able to train core cadres systematically from the outset and solve theoretical and practical problems in depth even under the complicated and difficult situation.

In conformity with the mission assigned in each annals of the revolution, the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea has steadily trained its competent cadres and systematized the Party’s ideas, lines and policies in a theoretical and comprehensive way, thus defending the Party’s organizational and ideological strengthening and leadership activities in educational, practical and academic fields.

A large number of Party officials and talented personnel produced by the school have set an example in leading the masses through their effective and staunch activities in the Party and state building and in all fields of the revolutionary struggle, and contributed greatly to the victorious advance of our Party and revolution.

It has been a pride of our Party that there is a prestigious educational and theoretical camp that reliably supports the struggle of the socialist ruling party while maintaining a high sense of responsibility, a sincere approach to the revolutionary cause and a substantial teaching strategy.

Today our Party faces a responsible period when it has to inevitably link its leadership history of nearly 80 years to 100 years or more.

The position and duty of the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea are very important in this work.

It is obvious that if the educational system is not perfect enough to train the eminent reserves of the Party, even though the revolutionary idea of the Party is great and its exploits are enormous, and if reserves to take charge of the cause of the Party are not well prepared, the future of the Party, far from inheriting its ideology and exploits, is inconceivable, he said, stressing the need to give a new innovation and development to the system of training reserves and the work for training cadres of the Party.

Saying it is important to intensify the education and struggle for always maintaining and displaying the noble idea and determination in the early periods of the Party founding throughout the Party and, at the same time, push forward in a responsible and strong way with the work to train Party officials who have acquired the revolutionary climate of our Party, he noted that at present the Party Central Committee has set forth clear ideas, theories and policies for improving and strengthening the Party building and activities in view of the practical requirements of socialist construction and the essential requirements for the future development of the Juche revolution and made great efforts to implement them.

He said that the important ideas, theories and practical experience being explored, formulated and implemented in the course of the historic struggle to improve the leadership ability, fighting efficiency and leadership art of the Party in conformity with the new era of the developing revolution should be actively applied to the training of Party cadres and systematized and enriched in a scientific way without delay to work for strengthening the whole Party and developing it in a long-term way. And he referred to the successes achieved by the WPK in its development course of the past decade and to the orientation of the Party building in the new era and the tasks and ways for improving the school work.

He mentioned the last ten years of struggle for the strengthening of the Party.

The ten years of struggle for modeling the whole Party on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism was the most crucial and decisive decade for the existence and future of our Party, he said, and went on:

Our Party and revolution have made remarkable progress and development in the past decade, maintaining their fundamental character to the letter.

This is by no means a result of the times.

It is an outcome of the indomitable struggle of our Party which has been resolutely engaged in the pursuit and application of correct solution to the succession and development, deeply mindful of its important mission for them. Without this, there would have been no great reality of today.

The characteristics of our Party building in the last decade are the combination of thorough succession and fresh innovativeness, and the combination of the strengthening of Party work for the fulfillment of the immediate revolutionary tasks and the long-term building of the Party which guarantees the future development of the revolution.

Over the past decade our Party has undergone a succession and a development of historic significance in self-strengthening.

The watershed, which classifies the process of change in our Party building by large in this period, is one time of the Party conference and two times of Party congresses.

For our Party, the Fourth Party Conference and the Seventh and Eighth Party congresses were not merely the highest meetings pursuant to the passage of time and the change of generations, but an epochal occasion in which the essential and active development stages were established in Party building.

The Fourth Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea in April 2012, in line with the historic task of carrying forward the revolutionary cause, defined the Party’s guiding ideology and supreme programme ensuring thorough inheritance and formed a new leadership capable of confidently steering its implementation.

This provided our Party with a firm political, organizational and ideological guarantee for invariably carrying forward the cause of building the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party at the outset of the new century of Juche.

The Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea in May 2016 was a congress held in 36 years in the history of our Party, and it opened up a new stage in the strengthening and development of the Party.

The Seventh Congress proudly reviewed the militant course of the WPK built into the dignified Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and advanced the tasks of struggle for further strengthening the revolutionary character of the Party and steadily enhancing its leadership role as required by the developing revolution. The leadership and militant might of our Party was clearly demonstrated through it.

The Eighth Congress of the WPK in January 2021 brought about a new revolutionary turn in increasing the leadership and fighting efficiency of the Party in every way.

With the Eighth Congress as a starting point, our Party came to have its regular and effective work system that leads the development of the revolution and its self-strengthening with a cycle of five years, and to develop in a sustained and innovative way the overall Party work on the basis of the Party’s Rules, revised in conformity with the principles of Party building and Party work, and of the functions and role of the readjusted and rearranged Party central organizations.

In addition, the Party Central Committee plenary meetings and sectional meetings aimed at enhancing the leadership role of the Party and reinforcing the essential elements and links for strengthening the whole Party were held in a planned way.

As you see, on the principle of giving priority to its strengthening and development, our Party actively set the major momentums that constitute the milestone in the building of the Party and the development of its work and passed through a significant course. That’s why our Party could carry out in a revolutionary way the important tasks of inevitable succession and development, preventing the confusion and throes that may appear in the days of succeeding the leadership of a socialist ruling party.

Looking back on the past decade’s militant course, which was by no means unusual, our Party can be proud of the great triumphant successes of fundamental and key significance in its development and in the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause.

The successes achieved by our Party in its building and work over the past decade are three major ones: firstly, it has firmly defended and inherited the monolithic ideology and leadership; secondly, it has remarkably enhanced its leadership function and role; and thirdly, it has further strengthened its revolutionary character of serving the people.

The establishment of an eternal foundation for the continued development of our Party into a revolutionary party with a firm oneness of ideology and leadership is the most precious success made in Party building during this period.

If the party that leads the revolution and construction is to overcome all challenges of history and remain faithful to its mission to the last, it must always ensure the unity of ideology and action thoroughly.

In other words, the whole Party should unite in ideology and purpose and harmonize action with practice on the basis of one ideology and one center.

Such demand entirely conforms to the general principle and reason; just as a human organism, if dominated by two brains, not a single brain, cannot perform normal activities, a party cannot play its function as an organization and will be divided if it is not guided by a single brain, a single center.

Of course, the WPK has long been built into a party with monolithic ideology and leadership. But, such tradition cannot be defended and maintained as it is by nature and by inertia and hereditarily when generation is replaced by another.

If the work of consolidating the party’s ideology and leadership center in the period of succession to the revolutionary cause is not meticulously and forcefully carried out, it is inevitable that the preceding leader’s ideas and exploits are distorted and destroyed and the party cannot prevent its discoloration and division and will eventually perish. This is a serious lesson taught in the world history of socialist ruling party.

The reality proves the validity and vitality of building of our Party that has consistently maintained the monolithic ideology and leadership without any concession, and at the same time highlights the need to inherit it most perfectly in any case, the General Secretary said, and went on:

In the first period of the new century of Juche, our Party defined Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its unique guiding ideology and set it as its strategic line of Party building to model the whole Party on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. In this way it established a firm political backbone for preserving its ideal and character forever and clearly defined the basic orientation of its building.

And the whole Party has waged a vigorous struggle to defend, add lustre to and carry forward the exploits of the preceding leaders.

With the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee in February 2015 as an occasion, our Party comprehensively reviewed the successes, experience, shortcomings and lessons gained in implementing the leader’s instructions and further intensified this work.

As a result, firmly established was the unique climate of the Party in which all its organizations in any sector and unit implement the instructions of the preceding leaders in a perfect way at the level of the times after formulating all of them.

The monolithic leadership system was established more thoroughly in the Party and strengthened in every way. This means that the fundamental issue has been settled in carrying forward the cause of revolutionary party building.

The fundamental issue in the succession of the revolutionary cause, the cause of party building, is the succession to leadership, he said, stressing that our Party vigorously conducted the work to thoroughly establish the monolithic leadership system under the support of all its members at an important historic period of succession to the revolutionary cause of Juche and, on this basis, further consolidated the single-minded unity of the Party and the people and firmly preserved the monolithic ideology and leadership within the Party.

He said that the WPK has recently formulated a new definition of the work for strengthening the monolithic leadership system and its goal to be achieved and directed the overall practice of the Party work to its realization. He continued:

It is precisely the most important review of the building of our Party over the past ten years that we have provided a decisive guarantee for accomplishing our revolutionary cause without any change or deviation by carrying forward and thoroughly ensuring the monolithic ideology and leadership.

Another success achieved in our Party building over the past decade is that the Party’s leadership ability has been remarkably strengthened and the fighting efficiency and activity of Party organizations have been enhanced.

The authority and might of a socialist ruling party are clearly manifested in the practice of leadership over the revolutionary struggle and construction work.

What is important in fulfilling the mission of the Party to lead the revolutionary cause without any twists and turns or deviations is to adopt correct lines, policies, strategies and tactics, skillfully guide their execution and thoroughly implement the fighting programme set forth by the Party to cope with the changes in the situation in a skillful manner.

Entering the new century of Juche, our Party was faced with the pressing tasks to maintain the socialist path and steer the development of the times under the manifold severe challenges and difficulties.

Through its sincere ideo-theoretical activities, the Party Central Committee explored scientific solutions to the new theoretical and practical problems arising in Party building and activities and the revolution and construction and paid great attention to formulating them as the organizational will of the whole Party and realizing them through the struggle of the popular masses themselves.

What was important here was to restore the system of regularly operating the Party congresses, the Party Central Committee plenary meetings, its Political Bureau meetings and other major Party meetings in conformity with the leadership position and function of the Party, the general staff of the revolution, and improve their operation.

At important Party meetings, the Party’s orientation, line and policy of struggle have been agreed on in time and collectively to meet the requirements of the developing revolution and the changing circumstances, and the implementation of these policies has been reviewed periodically. As a result, the unity, momentum, vigour and thoroughness have been firmly ensured in the overall Party and state work and the leadership authority and role of the Party have been raised remarkably.

In order to strengthen the Party’s leadership over socialist construction, it is necessary to imbue the whole Party with one ideology and organize and mobilize well the masses for the implementation of Party policies.

The source of the Party’s political leadership lies in the truth and validity of ideas and policies, and in political and ideological work of making them the ones of the masses themselves.

Our Party has always given priority to equipping the masses with its ideas and policies and rousing them to their implementation, and has achieved a number of successes.

By establishing a well-regulated system of immediately communicating the Party’s documents and policies to the whole Party and reinforcing the Party’s study network and other networks of internal education, it ensured that the Party’s revolutionary ideas, lines and policies are disseminated in time to the basic organizations and the entire Party and all the people know well about the fighting tasks set forth by the Party Central Committee.

In accordance with the requirements of revolutionary practice, we enriched the content of Party ideological education with the main emphasis on five-point education and developed our state-first principle into an all-people patriotic spirit to wage a vigorous ideological campaign for creating a new spirit of the times.

Education in the revolutionary traditions and revolutionary history has been more active than ever before and the work of inheriting the fighting spirit and traits of the preceding generations of the revolution is being conducted strategically and step by step. This is also an important change and development in the field of Party ideological work.

A remarkable progress has also been made in exploring and applying new forms and methods to raise the effectiveness of information and motivation work, including raising the character of state political events, achieving the maximum political and educational effect by making creative innovations, and ensuring the ideological, political and contemporary features and unity in visual information.

The work that must be always prioritized and accompanied in strengthening the Party’s leadership is to consolidate the Party itself not only ideologically but also organizationally as befitting the leading political organization, the vanguard ranks of the revolution.

Saying that our Party has readjusted its fighting efficiency and enhanced its activity by organizationally consolidating itself in a comprehensive and detailed way over the past decade, he summarized a series of measures taken by our Party from the development point of view and the results of their implementation in order to make the whole Party move smoothly in keeping with the reality, and the results of their implementation.

He said that the WPK defined the work of personnel administration, the work of increasing the Party membership and the management of its ranks as the three major axes to be channelled into strengthening the whole Party and has intensified the work for building up and managing the ranks of cadres and party members in a sound way, in conformity with the new fighting environment and revolutionary tasks.

Noting that the work for strengthening the basic organizations of the Party, to which importance has been consistently attached in party building, has been further intensified over the past decade, he continued:

Our Party set it as an important link in strengthening the whole Party to cement the Party cells and primary Party committees, and has regularly held the meetings of cell secretaries and secretaries of primary Party committees every five years to enhance the role of the chiefs of organizations.

Positive change is taking place in the work of the basic Party organizations, through those occasions in which the Party has correctly analyzed and assessed what was improved and what is unsettled in the work of the party cells and primary party committees throughout the Party, taken necessary measures and informed the secretaries of party cells and primary committees of the intentions of the Party Central Committee and indicated the clear orientation and tasks for their future activities.

In parallel with the strengthening of the basic organizations, the meetings and short courses for different sectors of guidance and the work sectors were held in a sequential and intensive way, including a short course for chief secretaries of city and county Party committees, a special workshop for officials in the Party life guidance sections of the organizational departments of the provincial, city and county Party committees and a short course for officials in the field of information. This was of weighty significance in encouraging the leadership units and work departments at all levels to have a good knowledge of their duties, principles of activities and fighting directions and to improve the Party work.

Analyzing the fact that our Party put forward the strengthening discipline as a prerequisite and urgent task for building the Party soundly into the one of eternal prosperity and has pushed ahead with the work to establish strict discipline within the Party and, as a result, the solid climate of strictly observing the Party Rules and regulations and thoroughly implementing the Party’s policies is being established throughout the whole Party, he said that our Party has been further refined politically and developed organizationally and ideologically by readjusting and strengthening its leadership ability and fighting efficiency in every way in the key period when the most important and difficult tasks are accumulated in carrying out the revolutionary cause.

It is another precious success that the revolutionary nature of our Party as a genuine people’s party has been firmly preserved and further strengthened over the past decade, he said, and continued:

Since the revolution is a struggle to realize the independence of the masses, the party that leads the revolution must never diverge from the fundamental idea, the basic mission, of taking responsibility for the destiny of the people and defending their interests in any case.

But the longer the political history of the socialist ruling party grows, the less the spirit of serving the people becomes, and the more the possibility of bureaucratic practices reigning over the people become.

The principle consistently maintained by the Party Central Committee from the very day of its leadership activities was to highlight and sustain the true nature of the Party which serves the masses absolutely and devotedly.

From this point of view, we formulated the essence of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the guiding ideology of the Party, as the people-first principle and purposefully and persistently pushed forward with the work to imbue the Party and state activities with the people-first principle.

While carrying out the heavy tasks arising in socialist construction by enlisting the strength of the masses, our Party has directed great efforts to embodying the Juche-oriented outlook on the people and philosophy of the people, the core of which is the unconditional service to the people, in its activities in particular.

The idea of upholding our people sacred and the slogan “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” and the call for making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the great people are an intensive expression of our Party’s noble outlook on the people, and they are regarded as an unshakable creed of all Party organizations and officials in their work and activities.

Today our Party gives top priority to the people’s will, demands, interests and convenience and regards them as absolute in adopting and implementing all policies, and in this course its organizations and officials are fully displaying the spirit of serving the people.

It has become a main climate of the Party for its officials to go closer to the people when there are in hard time, and the brisk projects for providing the people with a stable and highly-civilized life are worked out and realized.

The main obstacle to the implementation of the people-first politics of our Party was the wrong ideological viewpoint and style of work prevalent among officials.

The Party has steadily increased the degree of education and struggle, regarding the work for correcting the wrong style of officials as a vital political issue for keeping its peculiar character and nature and guaranteeing its existence and development, and as an urgent task of maintaining a revolutionary and sound political climate within the Party.

The struggle to overcome all sorts of wrong ideological views and work-style, including irresponsibility for entrusted duty and lacks of gumption, formalism and self-protection and practices of carelessness about the people’s living, was strictly and in detail conducted in every respect throughout the whole Party.

In particular, we declared a war to wipe out abuses of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption, unit specialization and impositions outside the taxes and took strong organizational and legal measures step by step.

This has resulted in the suppression of anti-popular acts of insulting the popular masses and violating their rights and interests, and most of officials have become awakened to a great extent.

Our Party has remarkably increased its leadership ability and fighting efficiency, while steadfastly maintaining its revolutionary character and nature in the period of great succession and development of the Juche revolution, thus laying a springboard for building a promising Party and achieving great miraculous successes that can be convinced of the future of socialism in the face of severe difficulties.

The proud successes and valuable experience gained in the building of our Party over the past decade will serve as a solid foundation for promoting the development of the Party in the future and be recorded clearly in the history of the Juche-oriented revolutionary Party building.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified the orientation of the WPK building in the new era.

Saying that the heavy yet enormous task and subjective and objective situation facing our revolution at present and the lawful course of socialist construction require the steady development in party building, he continued his lecture:

As I have mentioned before, the Party is the guiding force and organizer of the revolution, so the work of strengthening the Party should always be ahead of the times and certainly be successful.

The cause of party building is precisely a revolutionary cause, and the level of party building can be called the level of revolutionary development.

Our Party has achieved valuable successes in Party building over the past decade, but we should step up the modeling of the whole Party on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism on a new, high stage with redoubled efforts.

What is important for the socialist ruling Party in opening up its future is to resolutely maintain its own duty and principles of activity without losing its center of development under any circumstances and conditions, continue to intensify the struggle for uniting the whole Party around the Party Central Committee and always root firmly among the working masses and gain the unanimous trust of all the people.

In particular, the greater tasks and the more difficulties the revolution face, the more should we deepen the trust of the masses in the Party and consolidate the cornerstone of their trust in it. This presents itself as a preferential and core task.

Therefore, the Party Central Committee considers it necessary and most appropriate to strengthen our Party into a party that is politically mature, organizationally sound, ideologically pure, strictly disciplined and sound in style as required by the new era.

In a word, we can say that political, organizational and ideological construction and discipline and work style building are the directions for our Party building in the new era.

The new five-point construction direction is very important both in view of the historical lessons of the world socialist movement and in view of the situation in our Party.

The history of the world socialist movement never knows that a ruling party which is politically weak, organizationally and ideologically unsound and dominated by indiscipline and wrong work-style had led correctly the revolution and served the people with credit.

A party which was vulnerable to self-building, without exception, lost the people’s trust and leadership, and failed to overcome the challenges and offensive of the counterrevolution.

Our Party has so far achieved a great victory, overcoming the grave difficulties, through a tireless struggle to make the whole Party a powerful integral organization and ideological pure entity and combine leadership with the masses in the three aspects of organizational building, ideological building and leadership art building.

Analyzing the subjective and objective conditions of our revolution and the present situation of Party work, he explained the issues arising in boldly overcoming the outdated and backward things that put a brake on the building of the Party and the development of its work and in building the Party in keeping with the new era by not resting on its laurels but putting spurs to the strengthening of the whole Party and by working with more appropriate and effective methodology.

He said that we should effectively promote the development of the Party in line with the party building orientation in the new era and thus establish the appearance and traits of the Party guaranteeing its eternal prosperity and confidently advance toward the building of socialism and communism. He went on:

We must press ahead with the political construction of the Party.

The Party’s political construction is a central task in steadily enhancing the Party’s leadership ability and maintaining and consolidating its correct political traits.

Our Party has so far purposefully and consistently in a unique way conducted the work to strengthen itself politically.

In this way, we have set a world example in consolidating the revolutionary political climate in the Party with the monolithic ideology and leadership as the core and in equipping it with the appearance and prestige of a political leadership organization.

There is no reason to neglect or egotize with the great success our Party has achieved in this field, and in reality there is an urgent need to raise the Party’s leadership authority and further improve its political spirit in the Party work.

The Party’s political construction should always be given priority and strengthened, and the other sectors of Party building, including organizational and ideological building, should be led and defined by it.

The basic requirement of political construction is to intensify the work for establishing the monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee on a new level.

The monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee is the backbone of our Party’s leadership ability, the core of its political traits, and the root of the high dignity and strong fighting efficiency of our Party envied by all other revolutionary parties.

As has already been clarified, the ideal goal of establishing the monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee is to make the whole Party a single-hearted entity with the Party Central Committee, one head and one body.

We should firmly defend the authority of the Party Central Committee and unconditionally implement its ideas, decisions and instructions, concentrate all the issues arising in Party work and activities on the Party Central Committee in a thoroughgoing way, and deal with them according to its conclusion, and not to delay even a moment but continue to conduct in depth the work of establishing strict order and discipline in which the whole Party moves as one under the unified leadership of the Party Central Committee.

What is important is to make the whole Party cherish faith and maintain pure loyalty.

The monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee will be further consolidated when it is supported by loyalty emanating from the minds of officials and Party members of its own accord.

True loyalty to the Party does not come into being or harden into faith overnight. Therefore, all Party organizations should not make pretence but conduct effective cultivation of loyalty with great efforts, so as to make it a trait of politico-ideological and moral obligation.

It is important to make thinking and activities of all the officials and members of the Party consistent with loyalty and thus ensure that the monolithic leadership system of the Party Central Committee is steadily strengthened on the basis of the intense loyalty of the masses, no matter how the situation may change and how much water may flow.

Another important requirement of political construction is to ensure that Party committees at all levels perform their functions and role correctly as the supreme leadership bodies and political staff of the units concerned.

The Party committee concerned should thoroughly maintain the system and order of controlling and guiding in a unified way all the organs and organizations in its region and unit, and ensure that all work is conducted properly through the collective leadership of the Party committee while giving full play to inner-Party democracy.

In particular, the work of the Party organizations should be turned into the one with people and be consistent with political activities, so as to overcome the tendency of Party work becoming administrative and practical and of Party officials taking over administrative affairs.

Another important requirement of political construction is to encourage all Party members to play their role as political activists with a high degree of political consciousness.

This is precisely the task which our Party must tackle with a focus in political construction.

It is self-evident that the party can fully discharge its mission and role as the political general staff only when every party member forming the Party has a good understanding and struggle as a voluntary vanguard and political activist, he said, explaining the issues for raising the political sensitivity and political and theoretical level of the party members and enhancing the political activities of the party members. He went on:

Another important requirement of political construction is to steadily develop the method of leadership on the revolution and construction.

The proper combination of leadership with the masses is always essential in the political guidance of the Party.

We should actively apply to the Party work and activities of today the powerful methods of leadership that have been created and whose vitality have been displayed to the full by our Party in the course of its long struggle of leading the revolution and construction, while enriching them in keeping with the times and the development of the revolution.

We should also make effective use of the method of creating and generalizing innovative and leaping new standards of development and models that can be representative of the times in each sector and the campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with each other and other methods created in the new era, so as to enlighten, encourage and renew the whole of society.

It can be said that it is one of the leadership methods to steer the excellent climate of the Party and the good tendency and atmosphere of the whole society through the noble relations of trust, respect, devotion and obligation between the Party and the masses in the glorious struggle of writing a new history of the Juche revolution.

The whole Party should actively encourage and cultivate such good traits as respecting and giving prominence to revolutionary forerunners pioneers of the times and honest working people, loving children and caring for those in difficulties, so as to ensure that positive influence prevails throughout social life and that noble virtue and affections continue to develop into a national custom.

He stressed the need to continue to strengthen the organizational building of the Party.

To steadily strengthen the party organizationally is an essential requirement for consolidating the organizational unity of the whole party centered on the Party Central Committee and ensuring the sound metabolism and fighting efficiency of the party, he said, referring to a series of deviations remaining in the work of organizationally readjusting and strengthening the party, and elaborating on the principles for steadily consolidating the party and revolutionary ranks in an organizational way as the revolution and construction advance and struggle deepens.

He explained that it is an important task in organizational building of the party to transform the party ranks into elites and it is achieved as the substantial result of the work for increasing the party membership and managing its ranks.

He stressed that the work with the masses is the work for consolidating the party’s mass foundation and strengthening the single-minded unity and at the same time a vital issue related to the existence of the party. He also referred to the issue of giving priority to the work for winning trust of the masses and consolidating it, the issue of party organizations and officials for always lending ear to the people’s mindset, responding sensitively to and properly coordinating their feelings and the issue of directing efforts to working with the youth and students, an important guarantee for building the party in the centuries.

He called for further deepening and developing the party’s organizational construction to steadily strengthen the party into an integral organization and a party which achieved the unity of actions dynamically advancing toward the construction of socialism and communism purposed by us by overcoming any storm and stress.

He stressed the need to push ahead with the ideological building of the party more dynamically.

Noting that precedence should be naturally given to the party’s ideological work before all other works in view of its essential requirement and only then is it possible to prevent the change and degeneration of the party and lead the revolutionary and enterprising development, he set forth in detail the ways for enhancing the penetration and effectiveness of the ideological work in conformity with the revolutionary development, the change of the times and the level of consciousness of the masses.

He stressed the need to adhere to the principle of preserving the monolithic management system of ideological work as the lifeblood and giving priority to ideological work in all work, to conduct the work of developing and enriching the contents of the Party’s ideological education as required by the revolutionary practice, to pay attention to regularly and substantially operating the ideological work system and information and motivation forces and means and actively using modern information means, to improve the form and method of ideological work in keeping with the developing era and the change in the people’s consciousness, and to make the atmosphere of voluntarily studying the party policy and new knowledge and working in a fresh way prevail in the whole party by having the slogan for making the whole Party the studying party become that of the masses themselves and to give vitality to the ideological position and continue to rev up the revolutionary enthusiasm of the masses by increasing the output and influence of media and bringing about innovations in creative activities in the literature and art.

He pointed out the issues of intensifying the struggle against anti-socialist and non-socialist practices and the uncompromising struggle against all sorts of opportunistic and counterrevolutionary ideological tendencies in the party’s ideological construction.

He stressed the need to conduct in depth theoretical research for deeply explaining and propagating the ideas and theories and policies of the WPK and deepen it in a far-sighted way so as to lead the ideological building of the Party by providing theoretical and profound clarification of the law of the development of our Party and revolution and the prospect of socialist construction in the theoretical study field and developing them systematically.

He stressed the need to push ahead with the building of the party’s discipline.

Only when strict discipline is established within the party, is it possible to thoroughly suppress all unorganized, undisciplined and negative elements in the whole party work and propel and guarantee the sound development of the party, he said, referring to the principled issues arising in putting spurs to the building of party discipline and establishing an accurate and powerful disciplinary system, including the strict establishment of the voluntary discipline-observing trait and the discipline-supervising system and discipline-applying system throughout the party.

He explained the need to build the Party’s style of work in a substantial way.

He clarified the necessity of improving the style of work throughout the Party and the purpose of building the style of the WPK, and said:

The excellent style of work created by our Party while leading the arduous and complicated revolutionary struggle and the building of a new society constitutes a precious foundation for the building of the style of work in the new era.

The whole party should steadily and methodically conduct the work to make officials acquire the revolutionary and popular work styles created by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and developed and enriched by our Party and apply them to real life, so that the communist work style peculiar to our Party is carried on.

The Party’s attention should be paid to establishing among officials the habit of carrying out the tasks in a responsible way with revolutionary work attitude and manner.

The Party’s fighting efficiency is precisely the ability of officials to develop, struggle and practice.

We should ensure that the whole Party is permeated with revolutionary and responsible work styles, including the trait of unconditionally accepting the Party’s decisions and instructions and carrying them out in time by dint of self-reliance and fortitude, the trait of disallowing self-complacency and self-praise, encouraging self-reproach and reflection and always striving with painstaking efforts, and the trait of carrying out work in a far-sighted way and on a long-term basis, looking forward to the future.

At the same time, we should wage a ceaseless struggle to overcome all kinds of negative and varied ideological views and work style, including the non-revolutionary and non-militant attitude, irresponsibility, self-protection, formalism and expediency revealed in the practical struggle, so as to prevent the wrong style of work.

What should be particularly focused in the building of style of work is to ensure that the correct viewpoint and attitude towards the people are always prevailing in the Party.

For our Party, which intends to be genuine servants of the people, a correct viewpoint and attitude towards the people is a matter that cannot be conceded in any case or under any circumstances.

As I have said, our Party was born to defend the interests of the working masses and has been working to provide the people with a happy life since its foundation, and this is why the people call our Party their mother and follow it.

Our Party upholds the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism in order to preserve its character and fulfill its mission as a party serving the people.

He said that if our Party, oblivious of its character and mission for a moment, goes authoritarian to display a certain degree of isms, it will lose its original nature and be forsaken by the people. He stressed that it should become the mode of existence and mode of revolution of our Party to deepen the trust of the people by regarding them as divine and devoting itself to them, purify its climate and attain higher goals by dint of the single-minded unity between the Party and the people, and went on:

To this end, all officials should make our Party’s outlook and philosophy on the people the motto of their work and life and do their best to effectively develop the work for absolutely serving the people and enrich the Party’s traditional method of work with the masses in keeping with the present situation.

An official to be trusted at any time and relied on by the masses without worry are, above all, conscientious and honest.

Only when a good style of work such as being unconventional, modest and setting an example is supported by conscience and honesty, can it win the recognition of the masses.

No matter how the times develop and the circumstances change, we can maintain the excellent work style of the Party and ensure its superiority if we have only upright and honest officials.

Therefore, in promoting the building of the Party’s style of work, we should always give prominence to and encourage the high sense of simplicity, honesty and purity and take appropriate practical measures in all the processes of Party work so as to make it an essential and consolidated trait of officials.

In particular, we should not tolerate any practices of looking down on the people and infringing upon their rights and interests such as abuse of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption and impositions outside the taxes contrary to the sound style of the Party, but eliminate them resolutely.

At the same time, it is necessary to further subdivide and actualize the rules of life of officials working at Party organs at all levels, in keeping with the new requirements of the building of style of work, and establish an order in which they strictly observe it.

If our Party is strengthened in the aspects of political, organizational and ideological construction and building of discipline and style of work as above, it will be possible to solve not only the immediate tasks for the party building but also the long-term problems on its own initiative and systematically, thus strengthening its leadership ability and fighting efficiency and fulfilling its duty as a revolutionary party responsible for the destiny and future of the people.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified the duty of the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea in improving the training of Party cadres in keeping with the new requirement of Party building.

Noting that the most knotty problem in strengthening our Party and implementing its fighting programme at present is the shortage of cadres who are ready to carry it out, he said it is very important that the Party cadre-training institutions, the Central Cadres Training School in particular, fulfill their responsibility and duty.

Noting that how the school performs its duty is directly related to the long-term development of the Party and the future destiny of the revolution, not just the present party work, he referred to the tasks for reliably guaranteeing the development and rosy future of the Party by making redoubled efforts with new viewpoint and new readiness to put the educational work on the level required by the Party and the revolution.

The basic duty of the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to train all the students to be genuine revolutionaries and paramount elements of the Party who are guided only by the revolutionary ideology of the Party Central Committee and staunchly champion and implement it.

As already written on the monument bearing on the inscription of his autograph at the school, the President earnestly taught the students of Kim Il Sung Higher Party School that they should become competent officials of the Party and the state who are always working among the people, standing in the van of the people for the independence and sovereignty of the country and the freedom and happiness of the people.

The Central Cadres Training School should orient all its work to training new-type Party officials and servants of the people who are politically and ideologically sound and have completely changed their work style and personality in conformity with its basic tasks.

The Party officials desired by our Party are, above all, officials of real ability, equipped with high level of political and practical qualifications, who support the Party Central Committee with a pure conscience, and think and act in accordance with the ideas and intentions of the Party Central Committee under any circumstances, and who are fully armed themselves with the Party’s ideas and theories and are well versed in the principles and methods of Party work and have acquired the leadership skills of moving the masses. They are officials who know how to find the worth and joy of life in embodying our Party’s outlook on the people and people-centered philosophy and in devoting themselves to the people.

The Central Cadres Training School should be well aware of the requirements of the Party Central Committee for training cadres and further improve its education and training in Party spirit so that a person who had shortcomings in work and life before can be born and brought up in a new way in the political, ideological, practical and mental and moral aspects once he has undergone the school’s educational process.

Another duty of the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK is to study, explain and propagate our Party’s ideas and theories.

The Central Cadres Training School is the basic base and the think tank of the ideological and theoretical building of our Party.

The Central Cadres Training School should study in depth in principle our Party’s revolutionary ideology and prove and explain the validity, scientific accuracy and vitality of the newly advanced lines, policies and fighting policies, so as to enrich the treasure house of our Party’s ideology and theory.

The respected General Secretary said that the Central Cadres Training School should bring about a radical change in education in order to successfully carry out its revolutionary tasks.

What is most important is to improve the educational contents in conformity with the mission and characteristics of the Party cadre training institution, he said, adding that it is important to make the teaching contents run through the Party’s policies, to give effective education in the history of the Party, to raise the students’ high political consciousness and political sensitivity, essential qualifications of Party officials, to give students proper Party work business, to select the educational contents in conformity with the characteristics of school educational system and to raise the level of specialization in the teaching activities.

He explained the need to improve the educational form and method of the school and intensify the educational administration.

Saying that teachers should not be mere conveyors of knowledge but guide and designer of training talents developed politically and ideologically and intellectually, he stressed the need to decisively turn from teacher-centered to student-centered educational methods.

He also referred to all the issues arising in actively exploring and introducing new teaching forms and methods by applying modern science and technology, including the VR technology and the augmented reality technology, and in fairly and accurately assessing the students’ ability.

It is important to correctly define the school system and the criteria for selecting students as required by the mission and duty of the school and the times and intensify and correctly implement the educational programme so that it can successfully conduct theoretical and practical education with the main emphasis on tempering the Party spirit, he said, indicating the orientation and ways for improving the educational administration and management.

He stressed the need for the school, which is the core of the education of the Party cadre training institutions at all levels, to be the sponsor in unifying the education programme for the party building of the schools at all levels and contribute to improving the education of the Party cadre training institutions.

He said that the Central Cadres Training School should improve the quality of the teacher camp in order to successfully discharge its mission and duty.

Strengthening the school’s teacher camp is not a mere practical work but a responsible work for consolidating the foundation for training party cadres and guaranteeing the future of the Party, he said, adding that the teachers of the school are career revolutionaries training the Party’s medium-standing cadres and political activists.

Saying that all teachers should consciously dip themselves into improving qualifications and self-cultivation and prepare themselves politically, ideologically in educational, practical, spiritual and moral aspects so as to become genuine teachers who are respected and always remembered by students and genuine mirrors for them, he clarified the principled issues arising in rapidly raising the qualifications and abilities of teachers and building up the ranks of teachers well.

He set forth concrete tasks for decisively enhancing the function and role of the school Party committee.

He stressed the need for the school Party committee to focus on improving the political and practical qualifications and party’s cultivation of the teaching staff and students and improving the organization and guidance of the Party life and the supply service so that teachers and students can devote themselves to education and study.

He stressed that the departments of the Party Central Committee should attach importance to the Central Cadres Training School, pay attention to the education of the school and put efforts to selecting the enrolment and building the teacher camp of the school.

Saying that the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK is the party school of the President and the Chairman and his dear party school both in name and reality, he clarified the intention of the Party Central Committee to attach importance to the Central Cadres Training School which should always share the destiny with the WPK as an indispensable entity for the existence of the WPK.

He expressed his determination to put forward the Central Cadres Training School, which is arming and training reserves of the Party, as the university above the universities in the future, give boost to the Party work, teaching administration and management of the school while giving direct support to it and make it a model of universities across the country in all aspects.

Expressing expectation and belief that the Central Cadres Training School would train competent Party officials and proficient political activists with whom our Party can entrusted the future affairs without anxiety even after 50 years, 100 years and hundreds of years, true to the Party’s idea of prioritizing party building and its policy of training reserves, he called for working hard for a fresh innovation in the work for training cadres of our Party and the steady development of the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

When Kim Jong Un finished the lecture, the participants broke into stormy cheers and loud applauses full of excitement to hear the unique idea and theory on party building of Korean style in conformity with the requirements of the new era of the Juche revolution.

All the participants hardened their firm will to arm themselves with the revolutionary idea and fighting policies of the great Party Central Committee and work hard for the brilliant success and victory of our noble idea and sacred cause, feeling with great excitement the moment of history when a powerful weapon was born for steadily developing the dignified WPK, which has recorded the longest history of power under the absolute support and trust of the people, into the promising party.

The great guidance of Kim Jong Un over the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK will shine long in the history of the WPK as a historic guidance that indicated the bright path for the party building in the new era and set up a new turning point in the work for training the core of the WPK, thus consolidating the organizational and ideological foundation of the Party in every way and vigorously promoting the struggle to further strengthen the WPK into a powerful political General Staff of the revolution, an elite and iron-willed vanguard rank of the revolution and a genuine motherly party.


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