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      Chairman Kim Jong Il

Addis Ababa, December 13, 2022 (Walta) –  Chairman Kim Jong Il was a heaven-sent man for the good of mankind and such a great man could be born once in several centuries—this is what Vishwanath, director general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea and prominent social activist of India, said.

Kim Jong Il was an outstanding statesman and theoretician. He developed the Juche idea, which illuminates the road ahead for carving out man’s destiny, into the guiding ideology of the cause for the independence of mankind.

The Juche idea, created by President Kim Il Sung and developed in depth by Chairman

Kim Jong Il, is an ideology which, on the basis of a scientific elucidation that man is the master of the world and plays the decisive role in transforming the world, shows the way for the masses of the people, the motive force of history, to shape their own destiny by their own efforts.

Kim Jong Il’s treatise, On the Juche Idea, created a great sensation across the world as soon as it was made public on March 31, 1982. In less than a year after its publication, more than 90 countries published more than ten million copies of this work and more than 140 countries printed it in the pamphlet form.

A French professor said: Lenin praised The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels as the song of the songs for communism; if I can use Lenin’s phrase, Kim Jong Il’s On the Juche Idea is the song of songs for the genuine cause of mankind, the song of songs for dignity and worth of man and the song of songs for the genuine ideal and eternal prosperity of mankind.

What is important in his exploits is that he provided comprehensive answers to all the theoretical and practical questions arising in the cause of independence of the people, cause of socialism when progressive mankind around the world lost their way because of temporary difficulties.

In the end of the 20th century, the socialist cause experienced temporary frustration and crisis owing to the manoeuvres of the imperialists and renegades of socialism. Fussing about the “end of socialism,” they claimed that the ideal of socialism itself was incorrect and it was wrong to carry out the socialist revolution. This created ideological vacillation and confusion among some people and countries which aspired after socialism.

In these years of upheavals Kim Jong Il published many works including The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party, Abuses of Socialism are Intolerable and Socialism is a Science. His works served as a beacon and compass for the people who were at a loss for what to do and at the same time as a severe blow to injustice and sophistry of all hues. As a result, an unbreakable cornerstone was provided for socialist ideal and the damaged image of socialism was cleared.

A leader of a political party in Russia said: Who dared to write even an article to defend and revive socialism during the harsh days when socialism collapsed and anti-socialist storms raised by imperialists and reactionaries were blowing so hard? Comrade Kim Jong Il alone advanced many ideological theories for the promotion of international socialist movement and applied them to practice; this is his greatest exploit as a saviour and defender of socialism.

The allied imperialist forces directed the spearhead of their attack to the DPRK, a strong bulwark of socialism; they escalated political and military pressure and economic sanctions against it.

To make matters worse, disastrous natural calamities hit the DPRK in succession.

To cope with the prevailing situation, Kim Jong Il strengthened the national power upholding the banner of Songun and frustrated the manoeuvres of hostile forces.

Under his leadership, the DPRK became a politico-ideological power, military power, a country capable of manufacturing and launching satellites and fortress of independence. He not only defended socialism of the DPRK but also saved the cause of independence of mankind andነ international socialist movement by dint of this unfathomable national power.

Today, many political parties and people the world over are striving to study and apply his ideological theories. It is today’s reality that the struggle of the people who are aspiring after independence is growing in intensity all over the world.

Chairman Kim Jong Il’s ideological and theoretical exploits will shine forever along with the victorious advance of the cause of global independence.


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