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Addis Ababa September 20/2022/ENA/ The Forum of Federations has expressed its commitment to enhance building capacities key to visioning and strengthening federalism in Ethiopia.

Forum of Federations is an international organization that develops and shares comparative expertise on the practice of federal and decentralized governance through a global network.

Today, the Forum of Federations discussed its activities since 2017 and the next 5 years strategic  engagement in Ethiopia in the presence of Forum of Federations President and CEO Rupak Chattopadhyay, House of Federation Speaker Agegnehu Teshager, Federal Supreme Court President Meaza Ashenafi, and Peace State Minister Taye Dendea.

During the occasion, Forum of Federations President and CEO Rupak Chattopadhyay said the Forum has an important partnership with Ethiopia, and the relationship has been beneficial for both.

Noting that the Forum has been engaged in programs promoting federalism practices in Ethiopia, Chattopadhyay added that it will continue enhancing the support in crafting state institutions and to make the country globally a champion of federalism in the years to come.

The President and CEO pointed out that the Forum stands by Ethiopia in whatever way it can.

Briefing the proposed strategy of Forum of Federations engagement in Ethiopia from 2023 to 2028, Forum of Federations Senior African Program Director Shawn Houlihan said the forum will greatly enhance its engagement in the coming 5 years to strengthen federalism practices in Ethiopia.

The strategy will focus on federal governance policy and institutional strengthening, inclusive national dialogue and consensus building as well as strengthening women’s participation in political process, Houlihan added.

The director recalled that the Forum of Federations played a critical role in establishing EU-funded programs with National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and other stakeholders on preventing electoral violence and building capacities for elections.

Furthermore, it currently supports the National Dialogue process by working with youth, disabled persons, organizations and the media, he stated, noting that it has also implemented extensive leadership development and dialogue programs in all regions of Ethiopia regularly since 2009.

Speaking on the occasion, House of Federation Speaker Agegnehu Teshager said the support of Forum of Federations has been greatly supported Ethiopia in strengthening federal governance and pluralism, national election, ongoing national dialogue, leadership and networking.

The Forum has also been supporting Ethiopia in areas of strengthening constitutional interpretation, peace building, knowledge-based inter-governmental fiscal relation, women empowerment, among others.

Ethiopia has been a member of Forum of Federations since 2006.


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