Former Nigerian President Olisengo Obasanjo met with Tigray regional President Dr  Debretsion G / Michael


TPLF spokesman Getachew Reda,  stated that the former Nigerian president Olisengo Obasanjo has met with Tigray regional President Dr  Debretsion G / Michael. The spokesman shared the information via his Twitter page.

According to Getachew “Debretsion G / Michael accepted the African Union’s special envoy Obasanjo to discuss regional peace & security” &  did not provide detailed information on the outside.

In the past few days despite ,Obasanjo presence in Tigray there has been an active clash between Eritrea and Tigray forces army.

Obasanjo has been trying repeatedly to stop the war and the ongoing standoff in northern Ethiopia.

Following last week Prime Minister Ahmed visit to Nigeria & Kenya there has been unconfirmed reports circulating about a possible peace talk among the gov & TPLF forces.

Following this, the Ethiopian government, spokesperson  Tulu (Dr. / Dr Labor and Social Affairs Minister conferred service), dismissed reports related to government talk with TPLF.


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