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Fairway, a Finland-based tech company, launched an online recruitment platform in Addis Ababa, making Ethiopia its first market destination. 

Setting fair and efficient service as core values, while saving time and money, Fairway plans to provide benefits of reaching and hiring the right people and utilizing high tech with a human touch.

Fairway’s recruitment system has two major categories, one for applicants and the other for hiring companies. Work applicants will create a profile that includes a CV and save it there. Fairway will always notify job seekers of appropriate opportunities and will follow up until they are recruited and start working.

Hiring businesses on the other side can create job postings with required skills and qualifications and use Fairway’s filters and features to pick the most suitable candidates for screening and interviews, all done easily through the same platform saving a lot of time, states the company’s statement. 

According to Henrik Metsamaki, CEO of Fairway, in a market analysis done as part of the preparation, Fairway tried to identify challenges that discourage job seekers from pursuing the jobs they demand. These are mainly slow processing, bad cost effectiveness, nepotism and corruption, and discrimination.

More than a month ago, following multiple stories of job seeker complaints, Addis Zeybe reported challenges that similarly are identified by Fairway. Most job seekers complain that brokers are asking for a commission of around 50 percent of their salary if they get a job.

Fairtech’s service is internet based while Ethiopia’s internet penetration and smartphone usage lag behind. Addis Zeybe asked Henrik Metsamaki, whether this would become a challenge to their plan of reaching the wider section of the community. 

“I believe in the coming years, the smartphone penetration will increase, but still we are planning different types of technologies to tackle that such as through Telegram and messaging in the coming years,” Henrik replied.

Fairway’s recruitment service went operational with a website platform.

The company confidently claims to come up with a system of matching talent with the most relevant opportunities using skill-based matching algorithms. According to the company officials, among the major features that make Fairway different from other recruitment platforms in Ethiopia are its being “the only platform where candidates get to know why they are disqualified, being 10 times more efficient than the current manual methods”. 

“In Ethiopia, as the number of job seekers and opportunities is not balanced, candidates struggle to find the most relevant position for their skills and experience to end up applying for multiple roles- many of which they are under or overqualified for; and companies get cluttered with a high volume of low-quality applications.”

In this regard, Fairway promised to provide services with higher efficiency, a user-friendly interface, a short hiring process, anonymous candidate processing, and offer a better experience for candidates by sending them feedback.

Henrik Metsamaki said applicants will get feedback automatically if their CV or any other document is not accepted so that the platform will allow them to fulfill the criteria better. 

All the current features in the Fairway platform “are and will stay free” for

businesses to use. Early participants of Fairway’s software are eligible for a free month of use. Additional premium features launching in the fourth quarter of this year.


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