Filthy Rich Texas Congressman Michael McCaul Gunning for Poor Ethiopia!


Michael McCaul (R-TX) is the richest member of the U.S. House of Representatives with assets of nearly $126 million.

As a member of Congress, McCaul earns $174,000 a year.

But for Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) who is worth over $200 million, McCaul would have been the filthy richest member in the entire legislative branch of the U.S. government!

For some unknown reasons, the filthy rich member of Congress has put a bull’s eye on Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world.

McCaul is not only filthy rich, but he also has a nasty habit of race-baiting and using dog whistles to awaken the latent racism in his constituents.

In his 2020 congressional campaign, McCaul featured a notorious racist policeman with a history of abuse of African Americans to prove his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The policeman McCaul featured in his $1 million ad campaign was an officer named Tom Coleman who conducted mass arrests of innocent young black men in Tulia, TX for years.

But McCaul’s own racist past and depraved indifference to the basic human rights of black people in Texas dates back decades in Tulia, Texas when he was Deputy Attorney General of Texas.

On the early morning of July 23, 1999, in Tulia, Texas, nearly 33 percent of the city’s Black male residents were arrested.

Nearly every Black person in town had a relative or friend arrested or convicted.

Four years after the arrests, with 16 people still in prison, a district judge finally overturned all 38 convictions based on the uncorroborated and discredited testimony of Coleman. On June 16, 2003, after spending four years of their lives in prison for crimes they did not commit, 12 of those convicted — 11 of them Black — walked mostly free, still shackled by bail, but belatedly liberated to hug loved ones in fresh air and sunlight.

The state’s presiding political officers over this stained and long denied justice — the racist mass arrests of Black people in Tulia — were then-Texas Attorney General and now U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, and his former Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul.

McCaul had unique latitude in opening an investigation, taking over the case, and overturning the convictions in Tulia. Instead, they intentionally delayed action and sat on the sidelines for years. (italics added.)

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and the NAACP of Texas declared the mass arrests as “ethnic cleansing of young male blacks from Tulia”.

McCaul himself accused by the Texas ACLU and  NAACP of committing “ethnic cleansing” in Tulia, TX now tries to palm himself off as a champion against “ethnic cleaning”?

A case of the pot calling the kettle black (pun intended)?

A wolf in sheep’s clothing preaching human rights.

Over the past year, McCaul has been swaggering in the halls of Congress as the champion of “human rights” in black Ethiopia.

That is laughable!

The same McCaul who presided over a miscarriage of justice against African Americans in Tulia, Texas, now rises to vindicate the human rights of black Africans in Africa.

Almost exactly to the day today, McCaul wrote a letter to Secretary Antony Blinken with Congressman Gregory Meeks demanding imposition of sanctions on Ethiopia.

McCaul pontificated in his letter  he condemns “in strongest possible terms reported atrocities and gross violations of human rights committee and acts of ethnic cleansing” in Ethiopia and “urged the Biden Administration to impose targeted sanctions swiftly.”

It appears McCaul gets his daily talking points from Susan Rice, the Princess of Darkness herself.

The fact is McCaul has been in the corner of the terrorist TPLF literally from Day 1.

On November 5, 2020, one day after the TPLF launched a devastating attack on the Ethiopian Northern Front, McCaul issued a statement:

I am deeply concerned about the fighting in Tigray and am closely monitoring the developments there. All parties must commit to an immediate ceasefire and pursue a national dialogue to de-escalate tensions. Further violence only threatens to destabilize Ethiopia and the broader region.

In his statement, McCaul did not condemn or in any way criticize the terrorist TPLF attack.

McCaul was trying to save the TPLF by suggesting dialogue even before Susan Rice proposed it on November 14, 2020.

Compare McCaul’s statement to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s November 4, 2020, tweet:

We are deeply concerned by reports that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front carried out attacks on Ethiopian National Defense Force bases in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. We urge immediate action to restore the peace and de-escalate tensions.

McCaul has been the chief TPLF mouthpiece propagating disinformation on “genocide and “ethnic cleansing” in Ethiopia.

In March 2021, McCaul issued a statement commanding, “There must be an international, independent investigation of all reported atrocities, including ethnic cleansing.”

In February 2021, McCaul issued a statement “urging the Biden Administration to take decisive action to hold those accountable for any atrocities committed,” pointing an accusatory finger at “the government of Ethiopia.”

In June 2021, McCaul gave an interview in which he said, “Ethiopia is destroying the reproductive health of Tigrayans’ really calls into question whether conditions amount to genocide under the 1948 Genocide Convention.”

McCaul became the first US official to use the word “genocide” in connection with the conflict in Tigray!

In September 2021, McCaul issued a statement “urging the Biden Administration to finalize the determination on whether war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide have been carried out during this conflict.”

In October 2021, McCaul and Senator Jim Risch issued a statement supporting Ethiopia’s expulsion from the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) system.

Congressman Michael McCaul is one of the top three co-sponsors of HR 6600, the pompously and arrogantly titled, “Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace, and Democracy Act.”

It would be more appropriate to title HR 6600, “Ethiopia Destabilization, War and Restoration of TPLF Terrorist Rule Act.”

It is a bill intended to impose Pax Americana on Ethiopia by supporting and restoring the terrorist TPLF to power in Ethiopia.

The U.S. government had classified the TPLF as a “tier III” terrorist organization until 2014 when it issued an exemption in a policy memorandum.

The TPLF has long been listed in the Global Terrorism Database as a terrorist organization.

The TPLF is also registered as a terrorist organization listed in the Terror Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC).

In the Tigray conflict, McCaul is rooting for the terrorist TPLF.

As I previously documented, McCaul s a member of the Dirty Dozen who have formed an unholy alliance to destroy Ethiopia by sanctions.

McCaul has been calling for sanctions — economic, military, diplomatic and political – because he believes he can cripple Ethiopia economically, topple the democratically elected government and facilitate the return of the terrorist TPLF to the saddle of power in Ethiopia.

HR 6600 invokes the word “sanctions” 18 times!

Sanctions is the diplomatic and economic version of a military declaration of war. Sanctions is “something between diplomacy and sending the Marines”

It is indeed the Biden’s preferred choice to direct military intervention.

The aim of sanctions is to wreak havoc on the economy of the targeted nation.

It is a blunt instrument that causes great damage not only  to innocent people in the targeted country but also American business, workers, and U.S. foreign policy interests.

McCaul cheered when the Biden administration expelled Ethiopia from AGOA.

But who was victimized by the expulsion?

The fact of the matter is that sanctions hurt the little people. Those who have money will always find a way around sanctions.

I happen to believe US sanctions could be a blessing in disguise.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

When the Biden administration intentionally and deliberately schemes to make the lives of ordinary Ethiopians hell, they just have to return the favor by telling the Biden administration to go to hell and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

They do not have to be hostages to Biden’s sanctions shenanigans.

The Biden administration and the Dirty Dozen believe they can break Ethiopia’s back and break her knees with sanctions because they believe Ethiopia is a beggar nation.

In 1967, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nigerian nationalist, author and statesman at the 4th Summit meeting of the Organization of African Unity warned:

Today, Africa is a Continent of COMPETING BEGGAR NATIONS. We vie with one another for favours from our former colonial masters; and we deliberately fall over one another to invite neocolonialists to come to our different territories to preside over our economic fortunes…

The TPLF made Ethiopia a beggar nation because the TPLF which held power for more than a quarter century in Ethiopia was a beggar organization. They thrived by begging, stealing, cheating, jailing and killing.

I have always opposed US aid to and sanctions against Ethiopia on philosophical and economic grounds.

In my 2011 commentary, I argued US aid created a moral hazard in Ethiopia and Africa:

Western taxpayer dollars provide the failsafe insurance policy for the survival and persistence of failed regimes in Africa. By shifting the risk of economic mismanagement, incompetence and corruption to Western donors, and because these donors impose no penalty or disincentive for poor governance, inefficiency, corruption and repression, African regimes are able to cling to power for decades abusing the human rights of their citizens and stealing elections.

In my December 2016 commentary, I advised the Trump Administration to “significantly curtail its aid and budget support programs which have served to prop up corrupt and repressive African regimes.”

The best way America can help Africa is by letting Africa help itself, and by making sure the culture of panhandling on the continent is permanently ended.  The Trump administration should provide aid to African regimes only if they meet stringent conditions of accountability and transparency. The era of U.S. foreign policy of aid handouts and alms giving to Africa generously supported by American taxpayers, without accountability, must end or significantly curtailed!

Damn sanctions because Ethiopia is a rich country with enormous resources. Ethiopia has land that can be cultivated for agriculture to feed not only Ethiopia but also to become the breadbasket of Africa.

We have rivers and lakes to generate hydropower and expand the use of irrigation to produce not only for home consumption but also exports..

We have a young population that can be trained to move the Ethiopian economy to new heights.

So, when the Biden administration makes the going tough for ordinary Ethiopians, ordinary Ethiopians have to get in gear and get going!

A man/woman has got to do what s/he must to put food for his/her family.

So must a nation for its citizens.

McCaul carrying the White Man’s Burden in Ethiopia

McCaul, like his senate collaborator Jim Risch of Idaho,  gunning for Ethiopia, carries the White Man’s Burden to save the “half devil, half child” black Ethiopians.

McCaul, the “ethnic cleanser of Texas” cannot unburden himself from the White Man’s Burden he carries on his shoulder.

The same burden Rudyard Kipling mandated as the divine mission of all whites in positions of power.

Kipling, the foremost apologist for European colonialism penned a special poem in 1899, “The White Man’s Burden”, exhorting the powers that be in the United States to colonize the Philippine Islands:

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Send forth the best ye breed—
Go bind your sons to exile…
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child…

McCaul has been in the US House since 20o4.

Until he signed up with the lobbyists for the terrorist TPLF, McCaul could not pinpoint Ethiopia on the global map.

Until he was approached by terrorist TPLF lobbyist who got paid in blood money stolen from Ethiopia, McCaul has never, never said a word about Ethiopia.

McCaul never complained about human rights violations in Ethiopia following the Meles Massacres of 2005.

Every year the State Department published its annual country human rights report documenting the gross violations of human rights by the TPLF.

McCaul ignored those reports and kept his mouth shut.

When the TPLF declared a state of emergency and massacred thousands in 2016-17, McCaul remained deaf mute.

Today, Texas Ranger Mike McCaul rides his white high horse from Texas to save black Africans in Ethiopia.

It boggles the mind why McCaul would be so concerned about blacks in the northern part of Ethiopia when he was part of an “ethnic cleansing” of black people in Tulia, in the northern part of Texas.

McCaul has never raised his voice to support any legislation that advances racial equity or equality in the US or empower African Americans.

McCaul has opposed efforts to protect the human rights of African Americans railroaded to prison or suffering under the American criminal justice system.

McCaul’s voting record shows he opposes funding for education, environmental protection, foreign and humanitarian aid, humane immigration policy, poverty amelioration, racial equality, and women’s rights and supports big business, military spending, domestic surveillance.

McCaul’s record shows he is against human rights in America and neighboring  countries while advocating it in Africa.

McCaul is opposed to

providing humanitarian aid to people suffering on the U.S. Mexican border;

creating path to citizenship of undocumented immigrants leaving the perpetually stateless;

expanding affordable health care for poor Americans

lowering prescription drug costs.

legislation restraining police brutality against African Americans and other minorities He opposed H.R. 1280, “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021a human rights and police reform bill!

Little known facts about the filthy rich Texas congressman

Filthy rich slum lord

Few people know the filthy rich Texas congressman is a slum lord!

On October 28, 2020, it was reported that McCaul’s real estate firms have pursued two dozen lawsuits over breaches of lease agreements.

According to American Prospect,

Most of the businesses were owned by people of color. Tenants complained about leases being granted under false pretenses, poor conditions in the properties, or hardship events forcing their abandonment, including at least one restaurant closed by law during the coronavirus pandemic. But McCaul’s companies aggressively pursued back rent and expenses anyway.

Filthy rich water waster

McCaul and his family live in the wealthy suburb of Austin, TX called West Lake Hills.

In 2011, when Texas had the worst drought in recorded Texas history,  McCaul was fingered as sixth-largest water user. He could not care about water conservation and  consumed 1.4 million gallons!

McCaul is  frequently named as one of the top ten users of household water in the Austin area, and was the No. 1 consumer of household water in the city in 2017.

In 2018, McCaul had the dubious distinction of being top single-family water abuser in Austin, TX.

Does a filthy rich Texas Congressman who does not give a rat’s ass about the basic human and constitutional rights of African Americans and Hispanic Americans have the moral right to criticize Ethiopia on human rights?

Does a filthy rich Texas Congressman who does not give a rat’s ass about the welfare of his own community by conserving life-sustaining water have the moral right to criticize Ethiopia on human rights?

Does a filthy rich Texas Congressman who is slum lord have the moral right to hector Ethiopia on human rights?

Don’t tread on Ethiopia?

Many patriotic Texans carry the Gadsden flag with the inscription “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”

It was used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag.

It signifies a defiant stand not to be bullied, intimidated and coerced and a determination to remain vigilant against coercive injustice.

I say to the filthy rich Texas congressman, “DON’T TREAD ON METHIOPIA!

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