Ethnic Amhara residents in Jargade Jarte district in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, say they fear a wide-ranging massacre against them by Oromo Liberation Army


Ethnic Amhara residents in Jargade Jarte district in east Wollega zone ofEthiopia’s Oromia Regional State, said they fear a wide- ranging massacreagainst them if the advancing rebel Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) takes full control of the district.

The residents said their attempt to escape through the Haro road, the only way out to the Amhara region,did not succeed as the road fell under the control of the OLA militants.

According to information reaching, the rebel OLA opened fire atShambu against the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) which was heading toJargade Jarte district, making ENDA’s effort to arrive there very challenging.

The residents called on the federal government to deploy a strong ENDF force so that they would be saved from the possible attacks of the rebel force. Exchange of fire between the ENDF and the rebel OLA at Shambu continued today afternoon.

It is not clear if the Oromia Special Force was battling against the rebel OLA. Some members of the Oromo Special Forces are accused of leaking information to rebel OLA on the deployment of the national defence force to the areas.

Residents of Village 42, Hardengetu locality, Muzinga district, Kamashe zone of the Benishangul-Gumuz region also appealed for help amid fears there could be arepeat of a massacre that happened earlier this year by the Oromo Liberation Army.


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