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Addis Ababa, July 20, 2022 (Walta) – Ethiopian Ambassador to the US, Seleshi Bekele, and US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, Ambassador Michael Hammer, have discussed current political and social developments in Ethiopia.

The two discussed regarding current developments in Ethiopia vis-à-vis humanitarian supply to conflict and drought-affected areas, the National Dialogue, the AU-led peace building process, and recent updates regarding the trilateral negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, as well as AGOA exclusion of Ethiopia, HR6600 and S3199 Bills.

With regards to humanitarian access, Ambassador Seleshi briefed , Ambassador Hammer that the Ethiopian government’s continued commitment and cooperation with partners in creating unhindered delivery of support in the conflict and drought-affected areas.

US Special Envoy Michael Hammer expressed his appreciation for the tremendous improvements demonstrated by the Ethiopian government in facilitating timely and unfettered humanitarian flow.

He also reiterates that the US government recognizes the positive and encouraging efforts being taken by the government of Ethiopia.

On another note, Ambassador Seleshi briefed Mr. Hammer on the status of the AU-led peace initiatives mentioning the government’s unwavering commitment to install lasting peace and stability in the country.

He also said that the all-round efforts by the government of Ethiopia to give peace a chance adding needs to be reciprocated by equal commitment by other parties to bring sustainable peace.

Mr. Hammer on his part expressed the USA’s readiness to support Ethiopia and see the peace process bear fruit.

The two officials also discussed the current statuesque of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Ambassador Seleshi briefed Mr. Hammer about Ethiopia’s position regarding GERD and AU-sponsored efforts in the GERD trilateral negotiation.

The special envoy on his part expressed his hope that the three countries will reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Given the historical partnership and long diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and the USA, Ethiopia doesn’t deserve punitive measures on AGOA or the HR6600 and S3199 Bills tabled befor the US congress.

The ambassador said that the bills should be discarded.

Ambassador Hammer reflected that HR6600 and S3199 are Bills from congresses and engagements at that level are essential.

According to the Special envoy, the progress on the five-step measures is useful to reinstate Ethiopia to AGOA benefits.

Ambassador Hammer is expected to visit the Horn this week according to information obtained from Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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